Register To Get Your Truck Licence In Sydney Today!

truck licence Sydney

If you want to get yourself a brand new truck licence in Sydney then enrol in a truck driving training course at your nearby Heavy Vehicle Driving Schools. All of Sydney’s driving schools are accredited by RMS. The trainers are experienced and train you effectively to acquire your truck licence in Sydney in no time. Various kinds of trucks are offered by driving schools in Sydney. The trucks are either automatic or manual, but they are similar to the ones you will be perhaps expected to drive in your field of work. 

Types of Trucks

These are the types of heavy trucks that you might be expected to drive as a holder of truck licence in Sydney:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Cement Mixers
  • Log Carriers
  • Tractor Units
  • Cranes
  • Refrigerator Trucks
  • Tank Trucks

Heavier trucks include:

  • Ballast Tractors
  • Heavy Haulers
  • Haul Trucks
  • ALMA Transporter 

Such heavy trucks are too large to be driven on highways without assistance and special permits. Rules may vary according to the jurisdiction. 

Classification of Trucks

Before you register for a training course of truck licence in  Sydney, you need to specify the class of truck:

  • Multi-Combination Licence(MC) This is a special licence that enables one to drive very heavy vehicles with a  maximum GVM of 12 tonnes. From road rangers, trains to B double vehicles, all come under this category. 
  • Heavy Combination Licence (HC) – This class of trucks have a GVM which is more than 9 tonnes. They come in combinations of towing trailers and prime movers, as per the requirement of the job. 
  • Heavy Rigid Licence(HR) – This truck licence in  Sydney covers heavy trucks with more than three axles. The trucks and trailers of this class have a GVM which varies between 8 to 9 tonnes. 
  • Medium Rigid Licence (MR) – These cover trucks that are lighter than HR trucks, having a GVM range of upto 8 tonnes. These trucks don’t have more than 2 axles. 
  • Light Rigid Licence(LR)– This class includes trucks with a minimum GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more. Minivans, pick-up trucks, sports utility or panel trucks come under this category. 

Steps to Get a Truck Licence Sydney

 You need to pass four major steps to get your truck licence in Sydney :

  • Firstly, you need to clear an RMS test,which is meant to test your knowledge about driving and related topics. 
  • Secondly, you need to enroll in a training course, where expert trainers help you practice your driving skills for 6 to 8 hours for a day. 
  • Thirdly, you need to clear your medical test, which assesses your fitness to drive a truck. 
  • Lastly, having finished your training, you can apply for your final test and get yourself registered for a truck licence. 

So, whether you need to brush up your driving skills or upgrade your licence, all types of training programmes are available for you at your nearby Truck Driving Schools.