Best Export Packaging Solutions For You

Export Packaging In Sydney

Sydney’s packaging companies are adept at giving their customers the best solutions for export packaging. Customers are of foremost priority to Sydney packaging industries and that is why they manufacture quality export packaging materials that ensure the safety of the products. 

Importance Of The Packaging Material 

Sydney packaging companies realise how vital export packaging materials are, as they play an important role in keeping the products safe and intact while transporting them to their respective destinations. Sydney Packaging engineers, thus, design export packaging boxes that cater to the needs of the product while shipping. The retailer or the client’s demand is also taken care of by export packaging designers. 

Factors Taken into Account While Designing Export Packages

There are several factors that Sydney packaging engineers and designers take into account before starting with the manufacturing process of a certain export packaging project. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • Properties of the product to be exported
  • Cost Constraints 
  • Consumer Demands
  • Logistical Requirements 
  • Mechanical or Machinery Capacity
  • Standard Protocols
  • Applicable Rules and Regulations 
  • Material quality and Characteristics 
  • Environmental Challenges
  • The complexity of the entire process, and so on. 
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The 3 Layers Of Export Packaging 

Sydney packaging experts can offer you premium quality export packaging boxes, as they are tensile and durable. What makes these export packaging boxes so reliable is the 3 protective layers of the boxes that keep your goods undamaged even after travelling long distances. The 3 layers are:

  • Sales Packaging- This is the first or the immediate layer of packaging around the product. This layer of packaging remains till it reaches its end consumer. For example, beverages contained bottles, boxes of electronic devices. Sales export packaging also serves as a marketing tool, as it has the name of the brand, image and information printed on it. 
  • Outer Packaging – This is the middle layer and usually comprises multiple sale packages. This also serves promotional purposes. For eg, a cardboard box containing units of sale that doubles as a retail display fixture. It can be placed on a shop or showroom’s top shelf. 
  • Export Packaging – Also called transport packaging, is the outermost layer. Sydney packaging engineers design them to protect fragile goods while transporting them. Examples of such export packages are wooden crates, plastic shrink wraps, metal drums, wooden or plastic boxes and corrugated boxes. 

Properties Of Export Packaging Boxes

There are several properties of export packaging boxes that ensure your products safety. These properties are:

  • Moisture or Water-Resistant 
  • Tensile and Durable 
  • Can Stack Strength
  • Compression Resistant 
  • Puncture Resistant 
  • Bending Resistant 
  • Crush Resistant 
  • Shock Resistant 
  • Burst Resistant 
  • Can be Recycled

In Sydney, export packaging solutions are largely used for heavy-duty national and international shipments. Boxes unitized are shipped on intermodal containers or covered trucks. They are stored in warehouses. With the rise of e-commerce, export packaging boxes are becoming more functional and dynamic. So, get the best solutions from your nearby Sydney packaging store, today!