6 Benefits That You Can Enjoy On Installing The Semi Framed Shower Screen

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Bathroom remodeling can be challenging, especially when you need to make significant changes within a limited space. Installing a shower screen is always a preference of homeowners, and you will like the idea, too, as it makes the bathroom appear spacious.

However, choosing the new shower screen can be an overwhelming affair. And when the interior designer suggests the semi-framed shower screenyou just give a blank look. What’s that? Well, the semi-frameless shower screen has a frame surrounding the glass following the perimeter of the outside edges. But there will be no fame around the shower door or any part of the screen next to one another.

  1. Combining excellence and durability

The semi-framed shower screen offers the elegance of a semi-rimless glass and the innate strength of the classic shower screen.

  • Slimline trims and the alternative swing of the doors in two directions are the focal points of interior designers and homeowners having explicit bathroom necessities. 
  • The clean glass with negligible fittings and fixtures will be apt for a contemporary bathroom. 
  • These bi-directional doors are suitable for a wide range of bathroom formats as you can customize the versions too. 

Quality parts and polished designs make the perfect amalgamation of style and strength. 

  1. Expanding the area

The limited space often makes you feel claustrophobic. If you are looking forward to installing a shower screen that can  expand the visual span of the bathroom, then buying the semi framed shower screen will be the apt solution

  • Toughened glass will impart a spacious look.
  • Only changing the shower nooks of different sizes cannot do the wonder as the semi-framed screens can.
  1. Cost-effective option

One of the chief reasons for the growing popularity of these shower screens will be the budget-friendly pricing. As you will check out the different options of the shower screens, you will notice that the semi-frameless screens are available at low cost, which will bring down the budget of the entire bathroom remodeling too. But the look of the clean glass screen will seldom make you feel that it is so cost-effective.

  1. Cleaning is easy

Maintenance always becomes a headache for the homeowners as you install a new structure. But the semi framed shower screen will be a contradiction to the concept. There will be no accumulation of the nasty soap scum on the shower screen as there will be lesser framing. The chances of the buildup of the grime and soap will be much lesser.

  1. Customize your product

When you buy the semi-frameless shower screen from premium manufacturers, you will get the freedom of customizing the screen. If any, mention your special requirements to the manufacturers, and they will put in maximum efforts to implement the modifications on the semi framed shower screen

  1. Complements the space

You need a screen that will complement the space, regardless of the size and shape of the bathroom. The beauty of the partially framed glass screens is their flexibility to complement every design and style of bathroom. The screens look equally attractive in a modern set-up as well as in the classic style bathrooms.