Why Every Top Audiologist In Orange Wants Patients To Periodically Upgrade their Hearing Aids

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According to every leading audiologist in Orange, hearing aid devices need to be upgraded every 3-4 years. Here’s why – 

Hearing aids are one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. They help every audiologist in Orange treat their patients better. More importantly, they help hearing loss patients come out of their isolated worlds and boost their social lives. Studies have proved that preventing loneliness is key to addressing the various mental health issues that hearing loss patients experience. 

So, hearing aids are vital tools for hearing loss patients. But, just like any other electronic item, they’re prone to damage. Although high-quality hearing aids don’t have notoriously low life cycles, they do get ineffective after a while. Every leading audiologist in Orange, NSW, recommends replacing old hearing aids with the most current devices every 3-4 years. Here’s why – 

The Three to Four Year Limit 

Most hearing instruments don’t last for more than seven years. Even if they’re well-maintained, their features and functions start declining around the three to four-year mark. That’s because of – 

  • The technology used to create hearing aids isn’t as cutting-edge as it once used to be. 
  • The consistent build-up of dirt and grime negatively impacts the hearing aids’ efficiency. 
  • The hardware inside the hearing aids experiences wear and tear. 

Instead of waiting for these devices to completely break down, patients are advised to take them to an audiologist in Orange and ask for their opinion. Audiologists can help patients determine whether it’s financially smarter to repair the damaged hearing aids or to opt for permanent upgrades.

Direct Impacts on Hearing

Hearing problems evolve with time. The hearing device you purchased four years ago was calibrated to address your past issues. As the device ages, the quality of your hearing evolves. It could get better/worse over time. Regardless, all hearing loss patients need to use hearing aids that are specifically fitted and calibrated for their current hearing problems. 

So, visiting an audiologist in Orange, NSW, every year is a must for hearing loss patients. These professionals assess the evolution of the patients’ hearing loss issues. Then, they recommend the most up-to-date hearing aid devices that prevent these issues from becoming worse with time. 

Technological Advances in the Market

When better tech is available in the market, hearing loss patients must upgrade their old devices. Sure, buying new hearing aids every few months is not practical. But, technology has given us these tools in the first place. If we don’t respect the evolution of technology in the hearing aids market, we will all be left behind.

That’s why hearing loss patients are requested to stay up to date about the latest releases in the hearing aids market. The latest hearing aids automatically modify the volume settings based on the user’s location and environment. Old devices don’t come with these advanced features.

Plus, the latest hearing aids don’t have complicated user interfaces. Instead, they’re operable via mobile apps. These hearing aids can connect with mobile phones (via Bluetooth) and can be used to call business clients, family members, friends, etc. An audiologist in Orange will inform patients about these latest releases and advise them to get timely upgrades!