How To Choose Your Timber Floorboard Installer In Sydney?

With various flooring solutions now available, you have finally decided to move forward with getting timber floorboards for your home or office space in Sydney. The next step is to select a professional and reliable flooring installer in Sydney. Doing so will help you save your investment and get the best out of your timber floorboards in Sydney. Keep a question set ready so that you don’t forget about any doubts that you have with regards to its installation. This blog will explore the different ways you can find your perfect timber floorboard installer in Sydney. 

Check for multiple installers-

Getting timber floorboards in Sydney would be a significant investment, be it for your home or office space. So do not just fix on the first installer you search for or settle on the installer that lives nearby. Do a competitive search. Check out multiple websites and get free quotes to compare the services provided. Choose a flooring installer in Sydney that will visit your place where timber floorboards have to be installed and accordingly give a quote a matches your budget.

Check for customer testimonials and photos-

A reliable flooring installer would have a website to find customer reviews and photos of projects undertaken. Ask for some word-of-mouth references. Check whether they have project samples and a workbook that has all their information.

Check the business structure-

Understand what the company offers you. See whether they have their installers or have contact people getting the installations done. Check whether the installer is fully insured to complete your project. Getting your work done from a licensed and insured company should be a high priority to keep in mind.

Warranty provided-

Get a written warranty from your servicing company. Most professional hardwood installers will provide you with at least a 1-year of warranty. Try to negotiate for more if possible. 

Clarify the terms and conditions-

Before starting your projects, get all the terms and conditions related to the installation cleared. If you are short on time, check whether your installer can complete the project on a set deadline. Get a breakdown of how the costing is done, i.e., material cost, labor cost, and supplies. Have patience when selecting your preferred flooring installers in Sydney.

Before the start of your project-

An expert installer for your timber floorboards in Sydney might have a few questions before starting your flooring installation. They will visit your place, be it for your home or office, take the measurements, and provide you with a free quote. The standard flooring is taken into consideration; they will also consider the condition of your sub floorings to ensure the best result. 

Do make a list of the below pointers to ask your timber flooring installers in Sydney-

  • Who will be carrying out the actual installation? 
  • What guarantees does the installer offer? 
  • What accreditations, assuming any, does the installer have? 
  • Will they provide you with a business license and insurance? 
  • Is the installer a part of the ATFA (Australian Timber Flooring Association) council approved member? 
  • Does the installer make use of eco-friendly items? 
  • Will the installer provide you with a set timeline for the project completion? 
  • Do they give free quotes? 
  • Written agreements? 
  • Does the installer utilize a dust containment system? 
  • Who will move the furniture, and is it considered in the final cost? 
  • What is the installment plan?

Hoping you find your perfect flooring installers in Sydney that will help you with quality timber floorboards. Do remember to keep your patience and research your installers before finalizing them. Also, the above set of questions will be handy to help you protect your investments by getting them installed by a professional company.