How To Obtain An HR License?

heavy rigid licence

Many people look forward to pursuing their career in logistics, trucking, mining or construction. For all this, it is important to acquire a heavy rigid ticket as the only way to gain grip in the preferred industry. It is crucial to note that a heavy rigid license is the highest class of license of the truck that you can only acquire from a car license. An individual who has a regular car license is able to operate trucks and businesses with gross vehicle mass that is more than eight tons, bendy buses that are categorized under rigid vehicles, and towed trailers with a gross vehicle mass of nine tons. 

What is an HR license, and how to acquire it?

An HR license is a necessary official approval that allows driving a truck or bus, including a prime mover or mobile crane with three or more axles and more than 8-tonne gross vehicle mass. Two main types of HR license include:

Unrestricted heavy rigid license

Unrestricted HR license allows the driver to drive an HR vehicle with a road ranger gearbox or crash that needs double clutching to adjust the gear whenever required and matching the engine to speed at the road. Drivers may face difficulty while driving this for the first time, but once you obtain an unrestricted heavy rigid license, drivers will be able to drive all HR vehicles. 

Condition B heavy rigid license 

Condition B license enables drivers to drive Synchromesh HR and Automatic HR vehicles that are similar to the clutch manual of a car. This type of license is easier to acquire, and most people who aren’t involved in driving cash gearboxes often acquire condition B heavy rigid license. 

There is a specific criterion that you need to meet to obtain the heavy rigid license that includes:

  • Pass the eyesight test
  • The driver should have held the Class C car license in either probationary, open capacity or provisional for around 2-3 years.
  • People who are upgrading from car licenses are required to pass the RMS written test. This is only for car license drivers, and those who hold an MR or LR license need no knowledge test.
  • You are required to submit a medical certificate if there’s any medical condition listed previously on your license. Make sure to have a medical certificate for another class of license that you want to apply for.
  • If you are planning to drive a bus using an HR license, you require authorization from the driver from TMR as it is highly important. 

People often get confused between the HR and MR license, but there’s a major difference between them both. HR license allows you to drive buses and trucks that are of more than eight tons GVM along with three or more axles, whereas MR license allows drivers to operate trucks and buses that have only two axles. Ensure to understand the difference and apply for the license that allows you to operate the vehicles you want.