Six Reasons To Choose Porcelain Floor Tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles for flooring, a variety of options are available. You can make choices as per your needs. But, if you ask a contractor, he will tell you that porcelain floor tiles are also a great option. The best part about porcelain is that it looks gorgeous, and it is superior for a variety of reasons. Different manufacturers have different reasons for porcelain tile. But, clay is the star ingredient in the manufacturing of most porcelain tiles. In addition to clay, sand, feldspar, quartz, and water are also major ingredients. 

In ancient times, the tile was made by hand, and it was dried in the sun or by a small kiln. But, today, tiles are made up of super-fine porcelain clay, and they are also fired at high temperatures to create tough and dense tiles.

Following are some of the major reasons that you need to choose porcelain tiles Sydney:

Low maintenance

The biggest advantage of using porcelain tiles is that it is a low-maintenance material. It does not require special floor cleaners to clean spills. You can easily use clear water and soap-less liquid cleaner to clean the surface. The best part about porcelain is that it won’t freeze, fade, or crack because of cold weather. Thus, you can easily use porcelain tiles for indoor as well as outdoor use. The slip-resistant feature makes it one of the best materials for areas like driveway and landscaping purposes.

Resistant to stain

Another biggest advantage of using porcelain tile is its ability to resist stains and low dirt penetration. It is also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Porcelain is a dense material. Thus, water or any other material won’t penetrate easily. It is also a great option for areas that are exposed to moisture. 

Add personality

The use of porcelain tile can also elevate the look and personality of your living space. No matter whether an area has low foot traffic or high foot traffic, you can easily use porcelain to create a beautiful look. 

Finishing touch

The glazed look of the porcelain is like icing on the cake. The glaze is a glassy-looking substance on the tile that is added as part of a protective coating. You can choose glazed tiles as per your need. Thus, you can choose the matte-finish, high-gloss finish or the textured-finish. 

Highly durable

Durability is one of the essential features that make porcelain a great option. When the earthen clay is combined with water and then heated in the fire, it makes porcelain one of the most durable materials. Another advantage of porcelain floor tiles is that it is non-flammable, anti-bacterial, and it does not emit VOCs. All these advantages make it one of the best items for outdoor settings.


If you want to get a timeless look for your home, porcelain is one of the best options to choose. It has a long lifespan and is better than most other flooring options. You can get the porcelain tiles customized as per your needs. 

When choosing porcelain tiles, make sure to visit a good shop that offers a wide variety of products. When you are choosing porcelain tiles for flooring, you are choosing a timeless design option. Let us know if you want to know more about the benefits of porcelain tiles for flooring.