4 Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Manufacturer Of Height Clearance Signs

height clearance signs

When you are responsible for the management of a parking lot, a drive-through, car wash, or a facility where there are low clearance applications, you have to plan a lot to ensure the safety of the vehicles. It is essential to clearly indicate the approaching vehicles about the application’s low height and help them act accordingly. But you must be careful while buying the height clearance signs as improper signs can also lead to accidents. 

1. Buy from the experts

You should always prefer buying the signs from expert manufacturers who have been serving in the industry for a long time. The reasons are simple. 

  • The manufacturers know the right ways to emphasize the sign so that the drivers cannot ignore or miss the indications. 
  • Designs for the height clearance signage should be impressive, especially when you are planning to put it up in a highly organized facility.  

Don’t forget to check the year of establishment of the company before ordering the consignment. 

 2. Option to customize 

You must be wondering how personalization is possible on such road signs when you know that you can only customize the renovation projects and other fashion accessories. Well, it is time to learn how the premium manufacturers are coming up with a wide variety of height clearance signs with the option to customize as per your requirements. 

  • For instance, think of the facility and determine how many types of large vehicles access the area every day. You can put up one signboard with a pictorial representation of each type corresponding to the height clearance figure. 
  • You can add icons or images to add aesthetic value if you put the signs up on a commercial property that has become the style icon in the real estate industry.  

3. Compare the prices 

When you buy a signboard, it is also an investment. So get multiple quotes from the shortlisted manufacturers and then perform a comparative analysis.  

  • Consider the quality of the height clearance signage first. Is it an LED signboard? Then the price will definitely be on the higher side to justify the electronic arrangement. 
  • The companies that use the latest equipment for making the signage will always charge more for flawless execution. 
  • What’s the durability of the structure? Most of the premium quality signboards are highly durable, making them the best for outdoor use too.

 While buying these signs, you should concentrate on the quality and not the price as a considerable investment will help you rip the benefits for a long time. 

4. Shipping time

All the companies are providing online these days as the pandemic has completely changed the ways of life. You can now buy height clearance signs online from reputed companies and enjoy free shipping within a particular area. Just ensure that the company is particular about shipping the products as soon as possible and provide you with the correct date assumption for the delivery. Some companies even offer lucrative discounts if you place bulk orders with them.