The Major Health Risks Of Having A Blocked Drain In Caringbah

blocked drain in Caringbah

Summary – If you have a blocked drain in Caringbah, there are several risks that you must address. 

If you’ve experienced a blocked drain in Caringbah before, you know how serious these blockages can turn out to be if not addressed on time. The backflow of dirty water is often too much for home or business owners to manage. Plus, the water that comes out of drains isn’t just dirty – it’s often laced with chemicals, toxins and has abrasive properties. 

Thankfully, there are experienced providers of blocked drain repairs who can salvage these situations in time. But, not partnering with these repair experts on time can be extremely damaging to the health of the people who are exposed to the dirty water from the blocked drains – 

Direct Contact with The Dirty Water from the Blocked Drains 

A blocked drain in Caringbah is a breeding ground for bacteria, pests, and other microorganisms that cause dangerous diseases and allergies. Since waste material accumulates inside pipes, blockages cause them to flow back into faucets, showers, and other sources from where water is typically released.

This forceful flow back causes dirty water to enter bathroom sinks, toilets, and shower spaces. Exposure to such water puts property owners at risk of contracting various diseases and viruses. People who already suffer from airborne allergies need to be extremely cautious on properties where there are blocked drains.

Direct contact with dirty water could lead to exposure to harmful microbes. The water itself will feel extremely irritating when you touch it with your skin. Long periods of exposure can even lead to serious health issues like asthma, allergies, digestive problems, etc. 

Hazardous Odours 

Many property owners realise that they need blocked drain repairs after they start producing unpleasant smells. Since water and waste materials accumulate together inside the pipes, their mixtures produce extremely unpleasant smells. These strong odours spread across the property very soon.

Long periods of exposure to these odours can lead to headaches and nausea for the people in the affected property. Unblocking the drain and getting rid of all the sludge inside is the only way to eliminate these unpleasant smells. 

Property Damage

A simple blocked drain in Caringbah can ruin your property. That’s because long periods of unchecked blockages inside drains often lead to structural damage. The building or home suffers from small structural damages over long periods as the backflow of water seeps into its foundations. 

This constant exposure to toxic water severely weakens the structural integrity of the property. In many homes with drained pipes, there have been instances of flooding. The blocked pipes break, and the toxic water takes over the house damaging the floors, walls, and other regions of the property. 

Breeding Ground for Pests

As stated before, the mixture of waste materials and water produces the perfect living conditions for microbes and pests inside drainage pipes. Plus, stagnant water is ideal for mosquitoes. The risks of mould and mildew infestation are also higher when you have blocked drains on your property. 

Property owners with blocked pipes must partner with professional drain repair experts and resolve the blockages immediately to avoid these health risks!