6 Things To Consider While Shopping For Curtains In Strathfield

curtains in Strathfield

Summary – Buying the right type of curtains in Strathfield is something many homeowners struggle with. Here’s a guide. 

When it comes to shopping for curtains in Strathfield, there are many options that “feel right.” Unless you’re aware of exactly what your rooms need, these shopping sessions can become extremely complicated. One thing that’s certain is that homeowners want their window coverings to last for long periods. 

How to make sure that the curtains you purchase are ideal for your home? Here are six key considerations –  

1. Sunlight Exposure

The amount of sunlight exposure your rooms receive should dictate what type of curtains in Strathfield you purchase. For example, if your living room receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day, opt for lighter colours as bright colours fade because of sunlight damage. 

Cotton fabrics also tend to look drab when they’re overexposed to sunlight. So, opting for shutters is a better option if you live in areas where there’s plenty of sunlight throughout the year. 

2. Curtain Material

Your curtains can be either made of one material or a combination of different materials. For example, zebra curtains are typically made using combinations of light, airy cotton or linen. That’s why they’re able to perform effectively during bright sunny days and during the night. The main material options include – linen, cotton, suede, silk, faux silk, and velvet.

Silk, velvet, and suede are ideal for open rooms where blocking sunlight is an essential requirement. Rooms that are typically cold and dark should have curtains made of two materials – the main material (cotton, linen, etc.) and an additional insulating felt material.

3. Buy Readymade or Customise?

Due to the rise of online shopping, readymade curtains have become the most popular option for homeowners. These curtains come in a variety of designs, colours, and material options. However, they’re stitched to meet standard window dimensions. So, homeowners must assess the dimensions of their windows before buying such curtains. 

Homeowners can also opt for custom curtains. They can even purchase high-quality curtain materials and have them stitched by experts to create custom solutions. The more durable and long-lasting your curtain materials, the longer they last, so homeowners must pick the materials carefully. 

4. Washing Options

A major mistake that many homeowners who purchase curtains in Strathfield make is not considering future maintenance requirements. It’s vital to purchase curtains based on how difficult or easy it is to maintain them. For example, if your curtains need dry washing and you can’t afford it, they can get ruined when washed at home.

That’s why opting for budget-friendly machine-washable curtain materials, is always the safer option. Such materials (e.g, cotton and linen) can be washed at home on a daily basis and re-used thousands of times. 

5. Costs

If your budget allows, opt for classier window coverings like zebra curtains. Such curtains can boost your home’s décor and save you future trips to the curtain stores as they’re long-lasting. Don’t look for cheap curtains. Instead, opt for curtains that last the longest. 

6. DIY or Partner with Curtain Consultants? 

Lastly, homeowners must decide whether they want to take measurements of their windows on their own, shop around on their own etc, or partner with curtain consultants. Seeking professional assistance is always the safer option!