Make Your Custom Monument Having Beautiful Tombstone Engraving!

tombstone engraving

A tombstone plays a profoundly close and significant accolade that commends a life lived. It plays a substantial part in recognizing the individuals who have passed, filling in as an enduring portrayal of a friend or family member that is now no more. The tombstone configuration measure is immensely fulfilling yet can feel overpowering from the start. Alongside choosing the memorial’s size, material and style, there are a few personalization choices to consider, like the designs, engravings, images, etc., that can be added to the tombstone. 

What is tombstone Engraving?

Tombstone engraving is the most commonly used method to help with lettering and symbol writing on the tombstone. The designs and letterings would be directly etched on a hard surface such as marble, granite or other natural stone. Traditionally, chisels and hammers were used for tombstone engraving, but sandblasting is the preferred method in modern times. As the name suggests, sandblasting uses compressed air to blast a small number of sand particles off the natural stone surface for impressive-looking designs and lettering on the tombstone surface. Sandblasting can be used on both light and dark-colored tombstones.

If you are looking forward to a tombstone engraving done for your loved one’s some of the critical answers that you should keep ready with is-

  • What are the wordings that you are looking forward to engraving on the tombstone? 
  • The Style of tombstone engraving
  • Cost of tombstone engraving

Wordings to add for tombstone engraving-

The engraved phrasing on a friend or family member’s tombstone is significant for various reasons: 

  • It very well may be one last goodbye message from you and your family.
  • It can reflect something key or relevant about the dearly departed.
  • It can incorporate a message that the deceased wished to pass on.
  • It can remind of the deceased for the individuals who visit the grave in years to come. 

The phrasing on a tombstone engraving frequently incorporates: 

  • The departed’s complete name.
  • The deceased date of birth and date of death.
  • A tribute – that is, a short message in memory of the deceased. 

Choosing the phrasing for a tribute can be troublesome – it’s probably you’ll need to get it on the money. It’s alright to require some investment and ask loved ones, or even your stonemason, for ideas. You may likewise look for motivation from some of the lines included beneath-

  • Beloved mother and wife.
  • He asked for so little but gave so much.
  • Sadly missed by your loving family.
  • An inspiration to us all.
  • At peace in God’s hands.

Style and designs for tombstone engraving-

The style and design of the tombstone engraving play a vital role to create something meaningful, emotionally attached and personalized for the dearly departed. The styling includes-

  • The font type for the lettering.
  • Use of symbols 
  • Use of photos.

The use of fonts for your tombstone engraving plays a vital role to help elevate its elegance. Usually, there are about three to four font sizes that are best suited for a tombstone. Namely-

  • Times New Roman- For easy reading.
  • Arial- Simple and easy to read.
  • Gothic- Mainly used for the first line of the text.
  • Script- Used for quotes, poetry and religious passages.

Factors that affect the cost of tombstone engraving-

While different stonemasons have different costs for the tombstone engraving, they use other techniques, and the use of quality products also plays a crucial role. Some charge based on the letters, while some charge on the number of lines. In most cases, a stonemason would provide a specified set of letters for free, after which they would charge per letter. Most common factors include-

  • The number of letters to be engraved.
  • Use of symbols and photos.
  • The type of engraving that needs to be done.
  • Use of paint or gold leaf for engraving.
  • Lettering material. 

Hoping the above article would have helped you get in-depth knowledge of tombstone engravings. Ask for quotes from multiple service providers so that you can get to choose your perfect stonemason to help with an elegant and beautiful monument having durable tombstone engravings that would last for a long time with minimum maintenance requirements.00