How To Choose The Best Toilet Suite For Your Sydney Home?

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We have taken toilet suites in our homes for granted. Yes, we use them every day regularly and only recognise their worth when it gets broken or stops working correctly. You immediately rush to a plumber to fix the problem. And in cases where you can’t fix the toilet, you scurry quickly to the nearest bathroom renovations store. But you should know a few things before hurrying to the nearby toilet suites supplier in Sydney. 

You may believe there’s no need for this, and you can easily replace the toilet suite in your bathroom. But we hate to break it to you that you cannot be further away from the truth. In fact, people going unprepared to a bathroom renovation store often end up making horrendous mistakes. 

We believe you don’t want yourself in a similar situation, do you? So, stay with us throughout the entirety of this page and learn a few important things for your new toilet suite in Sydney

Check The Plumbing Design In Your Bathroom

First of all, you should go over the plumbing layout of your bathroom. You will quickly realise the possibilities and the limitations inside your bathroom space. You can’t just bring home any toilet suites, can you? It’s pretty much useless if you cannot install the newly bought toilet suite in your bathroom space. So, having a clear understanding of the bathroom’s plumbing layout is quite essential. 

However, if you are willing to make some structural changes to the plumbing system, you must pay the additional costs. Furthermore, you have to talk about this with your local plumber. 

Toilet Suite Pan Type

You must have heard this term somewhere before; you undoubtedly must-have. Basically, toilet pans are the part of the toilet suite that contains water. There are three most common pan types available for you in Australia, namely S-trap, P-tray, and skew trap. Depending upon the type of toilet suite you go with, you will find a distinctive pan with them. 

In the S-trap toilet suites, you will find that the waste pipe is connected directly to the bathroom floor. Similarly, you will see a pipe connected to the wall in a P-type pan and whereas, in a skew type, the pipe is extended to either side of the toilet. So, you have to decide which toilet suite best fits your needs and bathroom space before purchasing them. 

Water Efficiency

Next comes the water efficiency that you need from your toilet hardware. In Sydney and Australia, you will find a star rating system that helps you know which toilet suites are better in terms of water efficiency. Higher the ratings on these toilet suites, better the efficiency inside your bathroom. 

You should go for a 3-star or a 4-start if you build a new bathroom or renovate your old one. These toilet suites are available for wholesale rates in Sydney, and you can easily install them as well. 

Types Of Toilet Suites

And finally comes the type of toilet that you need to install in your bathroom. Currently, in the market, you will find a plethora of options for your bathroom renovation plans. Here are the most common types of toilet suites that the Sydney homeowners love. 

  • Close Couples
  • Connector/Link Suite
  • Concealed
  • Wall Faced

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