Characteristics Of A Full Latex Mattress

When it comes to a full latex mattress, you know for a fact that it will come with a lot of features. A latex mattress is the most popular type of mattress in this day and age. But various things make a full latex mattress different from the others and help it stand apart. Let’s look at some of the major characteristics of this mattress:- 

  1. Expensive To Make 

There are different ways of producing a full latex mattress. Majorly it is manufactured in two ways. One of them is known as the Dunlop process. The rubber material is used, which is mixed well with foam. The mixed material is then set into a mould and heated up. This sets up the texture required for a mattress. The other one is known as the Talalay process. It’s more complex than the Dunlop process and takes more time. The foam is not put into the mould in this process. A Vaccum sealed chamber is used for the process instead. Although both processes ensure that the cost of a full latex mattress goes high, the Dunlop process is still less costly than the Talalay process. But then again, the material produced with the latter’s help makes sure that you use material of the highest standard. 

  1. Type Of Material Used 

The whole process is pretty expensive, as we have told you already. But before the processing, some material would be required. A full latex mattress consists of different materials such as natural, synthetic or blend. The most commonly used material is a blend. It will be like a combination of natural as well as synthetic materials. The idea is that natural material has its own benefits but several limitations also come with it. The same is the case with synthetic materials. But when you mix them together, the material strengthens, and the cons also decrease by a landslide. This is why blended material is used to manufacture full latex mattresses. Other kinds of latex mattresses might see the use of just natural material or synthetic material. 

  1. Firmness 

The fitness of a full latex mattress is also supposed to be looked upon. The more firm the mattress is, the higher its chances of having a long life. While the Talalay process is generally more complex, it doesn’t build mattresses as strongly as the Dunlop process. There’s an ILD system used to check the firmness, and it has been found that the Dunlop process would generally give you more firm material. If we talk about the ILD system, it is about a number you will get. The higher the ILD number, the more firm the material is. This is an analysis to be conducted by the manufacturer himself. 

While all the characteristics mentioned above are related to manufacturing the full latex mattress, you have to understand the best material for your needs. You can go online and check if the available products have the characteristics you need!