Expert Hearing Test Clinic In Bathurst

Telex Hearing Centre is a hearing test clinic that has been providing people with hearing test services in and around Bathurst for more than 50 years. We aim to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology and hearing solutions that enhance their lives, relationships, and communities. We have over 1000 patients and are growing. Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to improving hearing healthcare and enabling individuals to reconnect with the people and things they care about most in their lives.

Every new day begins with dawn and an infinite number of options. Possibilities exist in which sound, whether loud or soft, may assist you to improve your experience and build relationships with people around you. At Telex Hearing Centre, we understand that the noises of everyday life are a significant part of what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning.

Our highly-trained hearing test experts have been assisting patients in finding comfortable and discreet hearing solutions that have helped them feel better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. And, since every person’s day is unique, our recent technology is customised to your specific hearing needs, allowing you to remain connected to every minute of your day no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s your morning supper, lunch with a close friend, or nights spent with family and loved ones, Telex Hearing Centre makes every experience more memorable.

According to the Telex Hearing Centre, each patient should be able to realise the full potential of their interests, relationships, and overall life experience. To bring this concept to life, you’ll need a committed team with years of expertise and genuine enthusiasm.

With these principles in mind, we are pleased to offer the Telex Hearing Centre advantage:

1. Best-in-class goods that include cutting-edge digital technology.

2. A complete aftercare support, which includes hearing aid exams, cleaning, and adjustment, throughout the life of the hearing aid.

3. Over 50 years of expertise in the field.

4. More than a thousand patients have been serviced across the area.

5. Telex Hearing Centre is also dedicated to assisting individuals with low financial resources to hear the world around them at a reasonable cost.

When you come in for your hearing test, at our hearing test in Bathurst our expert will walk you through each part of the exam, explaining what the findings indicate and how it may be corrected if necessary. As soon as your hearing test reveals that you have a treatable hearing loss that may be alleviated by a Telex Hearing Centre hearing test clinic, we will allow you to try out various hearing aids so that you can see the difference that a hearing aid can make for you.

The particular types of Telex Hearing Centre hearing aids that may be suitable for your lifestyle and degree of hearing loss will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated to you. In case you decide to continue, we may even begin the process of fitting you for your new hearing aids so that you can begin hearing better right away.

The mission of Telex Hearing Centre in Bathurst is to serve as the community’s best hearing test clinic. To book an appointment, please call us at (02) 9570 6164.