Learn About Turbo Air

Turbo Air has made remarkable progress in the field of manufacturing refrigerators for 20 years. They have set up benchmarks for other big brands in dealing with the requirements of their customers. They are supplying refrigerators to more than 67 countries, including Australia. Turbo Air often meets all the foodservice equipment needs. The refrigeration service of Turbo Air in Australia has done commendable work. They are successful in building an extended network of customers due to their satisfactory refrigeration services. Turbo Air is the first choice for customers who are in search of top-quality products with affordable budgets. Turbo Air has a long network of customers, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, clubs, and so on. There are various exclusive sellers of Turbo Air products in the Australian market, so you can easily procure them for your commercial kitchen.

Turbo Air well known for being one of the leading suppliers of is the line of high-end commercial refrigerators and their refrigerators are well known for being highly durable, offering high performance along with offering optimum storage capacity too. Due to TurboAir’s extreme demand in the Australian market, Turbo Air headquarters have hastened the development of their products in the commercial refrigeration sector.

Services of Turbo Air are enjoyed by numerous leading and successful businesses like Pizza Hut, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Ikea, and many more big names across Australia.

Following are the products offered by Turbo Air:

  • Back Bar:

It consists of a set of racks for the display of liquor bottles over the cabinets designed for storage. It is lined with a mirror to get the reflection of bottles displayed on it. It is made in such a way that it makes a very pleasing appeal in the eyes of the customers and attracts their attention easily when the bottles are on display. Turbo Air supplies 7 different models of the back bar that can easily suit your individual requirement and your kitchen. 

  • Top-Mount:

These Turbo Air products are designed for the kitchen area. It is usually 30 to 33 inches in width. These tend to be more energy-efficient as compared to bottom freezers. The compressor is placed under the unit of the fridge. There are 27 models of top mount manufactured by Turbo Air to meet the demands of all types of customers and their commercial kitchens.  

  • Under Counters: 

These Turbo Air Under Counters are small in size as compared to regular refrigerators. It is space-saving and can fit any vacant place. Turbo Air manufactures 33 models of under counters. 

  • Food Prep Tables:

 These are ideal for large kitchens preparing meals for thousands on a daily basis. So if you have a high demand business, this would be the ideal choice for you. There are 11 models of food prep tables manufactured by Turbo Air. 

  • Chef Bases: 

Chef base stores frozen meals and ingredients within reach of the prep station. It makes it convenient for the chef to find out every ingredient of food in one place, which helps to save time in cooking the meal. There are six chef bases models manufactured by Turbo Air.  

  • Merchandisers: 

These are ice-cream dipping cabinets from Turbo Air, with refrigeration units installed in them, so you get ample storage space. Turbo Air supplies almost 9 models of merchandisers, so you can easily choose according to your kitchen space and needs.

Why Choose Turbo Air?

When you choose refrigeration units from Turbo Air, you can rest assured that you are getting products made from the best quality material that would, without a doubt, fulfil all your commercial refrigeration needs. Turbo Air refrigeration units can be found in different capacities, so you can easily choose a model that would suit your preferences, serve your requirements and fit into your kitchen layout. The energy efficiency of these refrigeration units is unparalleled as well, which adds to their high market demand. 

Turbo Air is the only company whose 2 and 3 doors are powered by 115V. It is not only easy to plug in but also can save electrical energy. They provide self-cleaning condensers that have a rotating brush moving 2-3 times a day. It also has an excellent cooling system discharging heat effectively via condensers. Also, there is no requirement for an electrical cabinet heater. You can search them on social networking sites for their extraordinary services.