Marble Polishing: Dos and Don’ts

marble polishing in Sydney

Marble stone is one of a kind natural stone. It is famous for its look and functional benefits. It can be used versatilely, making it the preferred choice of many house owners and business owners. Marble stones and tiles are available in many qualities, some expensive, some cheaper, making them more accessible for customers. One of the highly demanded processes after getting marble flooring is marble polishing in Sydney. Urban, semi-urban and metropolitan areas have a high demand for marble polishing. Cities like Sydney will cost you somewhere between $2-$3 per square foot depending on the location and quality of your marble. The cost may vary from region to area. You can check with a few contractors to compare the price and finalise accordingly. 

The marble polishing process involves cleaning the stone surface and removing any stains using acid chemicals to get a clean marble floor surface. Marble polishing is not just for the looks, but it’s highly recommended as marble flooring is exposed to foot traffic, and outdoor marble deals with elements. Marble polishing is a common way of maintaining marble flooring. In the suburbs of Sydney, they’re prevalent and demanded. 

Marble polishing is required since the surface develops scratches and stains. It is unpresentable and can contribute significantly to the repairing cost if not taken care of at the earliest. 

You will find a lot of contractors in Sydney who will do the marble polishing for you. If you wish to get a cheaper price range for the task, go a little farther from Sydney and look around the city instead of the popular areas of the town. 

The marble surface is robust and delicate at the same time. It demands care and should be taken care of. 

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of marble polishing that will help you retain the polished marble for a longer duration, 

Using Mops 

DON’T – Do not use a wet mop on your polished marble if you want the marble polishing to stay longer. The water seeping through the mop can be absorbed by the spongy surface of marble and can damage the floor. 

DO – Rather than using a wet mop, go for a damp mop and try cleaning the floor. If there’s a liquid on the floor, clean it immediately. Beverages like wine, coffee, or juice can damage the marble. 

Dry Cleaning 

DON’T – Marble surface can absorb water and moisture. Cleaning the floor with water after marble polishing can damage your floor. 

DO – Instead, go for dry cleaning. Use a dry or damp cloth to get rid of the stains. This will help to keep the marble polishing good as new. 

Soap Cleaners 

DON’T – Once your marble polishing is done, never use store-bought floor cleaners. Those cleaners contain acids that can react with the flooring after marble polishing. It can result in a damaged floor. 

DO – Remember, you need to maintain flooring. Using cleaners with pH levels of 7.00 along with white spirit and 2% non-ionic detergent will help you. You need to use distilled water for marble flooring. This can be a little tricky, but once your routine is set, it will be easy. 


DON’T – Yes! We know DIY is cool! But if you have marble floors, please Do not do it yourself. Using lime, milk and vinegar will do more harm than good. Stay away from the urge of being a fixer-upper. 

DO – Use products designed to clean marble surfaces. There are various products available that are marble-friendly, and they can help you retain marble polishing. Such products are readily available almost everywhere. Especially if you live in areas like Sydney or Brisbane, it will be easy to get unique products.

Sealing your marble floor 

DON’T – Keeping your marble floor untreated can affect the condition of marble polishing. It can make your flooring vulnerable to damage. 

DO – Sealing your marble floor is highly advised. It reduces the possibility of stains and other damages. 

Using rugs 

DON’T – Do not keep heavy furniture directly on the marble flooring. This includes tables, chairs, and sofas. 

DO – Add a rug underneath heavy furniture to prevent the surface from getting scratches. This simple addition can reduce the pressure from your marble polishing. 

Abrasive Materials 

DON’T – By now, you know this! Marble itself can be strong and weak at the same time. Thus using abrasive materials can damage the surface. 

DO – Branded products designated to take care of marble flooring are a must. Don’t try to save yourself from spending on maintenance material if you wish to have long-lasting marble polishing. Taking care of marble is a must. The material demands care and specific precautions for it to maintain its quality. Also, marble polishing must be done every two years or so according to the flooring condition. If you try to avoid the expense of marble polishing, you might end up with a damaged flooring which will cost you a lot more than you required for marble polishing in Sydney in the first place.