Why Are Stainless Steel Doors Good For Commercial Usage?

Steel doors are common in industrial and commercial applications, but stainless steel doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their corrosion resistance. Stainless steel can last up to three times as long as an untreated metal door, which means that the investment will be worth it over time. The material also has a sleek look that many people prefer for aesthetics purposes. It’s important to know what type of door you need before investing in this product because there are different types available depending on your needs.

Stainless steel security doors are one of the most popular options for commercial and industrial applications. They provide an aesthetic that is hard to match in terms of beauty, durability, and cost-effectiveness. When you need a durable door that will last for years to come without breaking down or showing wear, stainless steel is often your best option.

There are many characteristics of stainless steel doors that make them attractive to professional engineers and industrial architects. Some of these major pointers may even come as a surprise to you:

Affordability & Value

Stainless steel doors offer the greatest long-term value for doors, regardless of whether you’re searching for the whole door or simply the frame and jamb assembly. The initial cost of a stainless steel door is often cheaper than the cost of a fibreglass door. Despite the fact that wooden doors provide possibilities for a beautiful, personalised and natural appearance, those with complex designs or high-quality wood rapidly become costly, sometimes costing more than an identical steel door.

In terms of long-term utility, stainless steel doors are essential, since they may regularly last thirty years or more with appropriate maintenance. Even if they do need servicing or repairs, the prices are often considerably cheaper than the costs of repairing similar-sized wooden doors.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is considered when designing stainless steel doors in the majority of instances, however, it must be highlighted that not all stainless steel door supports are fire-resistant. The same may be stated for some types of wooden doors, certain types of wooden doors can be classified as fire resistant. Fire-rating tags or stickers are applied to each stainless steel door to show how long it can withstand a fire. This information is important since a fire is hazardous and if not stopped, can spread very quickly.

Safety & Security

Commercial facilities that deal with significant amounts of goods or cash must have adequate security measures in place. Because stainless steel doors are considerably more difficult to operate or decompose than wooden doors, they prohibit illegal and unwelcome entry to the inside of the structure. Wooden and fibreglass doors are not as chemically resistant as stainless steel doors, which is why stainless steel doors are frequently used in place of them.

Durability And Longevity

Wooden doors need regular care, while steel doors require very little maintenance, due to the fact that steel doors are resistant to many things. Stainless steel is the material of choice for exterior-facing doors that must resist high traffic and harsh weather conditions. Despite the fact that stainless steel doors may be scratched or dented quite readily, they are relatively easy to fix and do not need as frequent and time-consuming replacement as fibreglass or wood alternatives.

The durability and longevity of stainless steel doors make them the perfect solution for commercial or industrial applications. If you’re interested in learning more about how your business can benefit from these types of doors, contact Kingsford Blinds & Awnings today! We provide free quotes so that you can see first-hand what our product offers. Our team is available to answer any questions at 9316 5777 that may arise during this process as well. We want all customers to feel comfortable with their purchase decision before making a commitment. Let’s talk soon!