What Are Covered Under Dogging And Rigging Courses?

dogging and rigging course

Every job obligation differs and some of the tasks are simple whereas some are difficult. The difficult tasks would need some safety standards at the workplace. The construction sector is one that needs severe compassion at the bureau to avoid any probable hazards. Similarly, the person needs to acquire a license to become a dogman and rigger. The dogman ticket online can be obtained after the successful completion of the training course. 

Dogging Course:

To perform dogman activities, the person must have a valid dogman ticket and the dogger can perform various activities such as selecting and inspecting lifting gear, and the direction of a crane in the movement of the load when the load is out of the operator’s view. 

The dogman ticket can be obtained after the completion of this course as the training is developed in a systematic manner which includes dogging operations, choosing and examining the correct equipment, and much more. The training course is conducted by highly skilled professionals and trained individuals. Please have a look at the course contents as mentioned below. 

  • Explanation of working load limits and rated capacity calculations
  • Usage of safety equipment at the workplace
  • Following isolation process and maintenance of equipment
  • Probability of hazards while operating dogging work and how to control unwanted hazards
  • Learning the course content verbally, visually, and in writing
  • Adopting various techniques for slinging along with the limitations and capabilities
  • Various kinds of cranes and their utilisation
  • Selection of proper lifting appliances for work
  • Comprehending legislation and operating standards related to dogging work
  • Effective communication among coworkers, and all other work personnel
  • Justification of whistles, two-way radios, and signals using hand
  • Knowledge of cranes such as slewing cranes, tower cranes, and portal boom cranes
  • Proficiency in using various lifting attachments such as beams, clamps, and ropes

The applicant will have the mastery and knowledge to complete the dogging work after completion of this course.

Rigging Course:

Rigging is the technique used in protecting equipment to be hauled by hoists, cranes, and other lifting equipment. There are many factors assessed while securing the loads with chains and slings. The process includes the capacity of the hoist, the working load threshold of the hoisting tool, and the weight of the load. The rigging process plays a very crucial role in the construction workplace. 

The rigging training course is conducted by highly professional and trained individuals. Please have a look at the course contents as mentioned below. 

  • Probable dangers and its control measures pertaining to basic rigging work
  • Dismantling and erection of structures and plants at the workplace
  • Deadlocks, static loads, and dynamic loads 
  • Selection of appropriate tools and equipment incorporating safety tools as well
  • Personal shield equipment
  • Communication with coworkers and use of correct communication equipment whenever required
  • Understanding the importance of safety equipment while working at heights
  • Secured working loads and limited calculations
  • OHS legislation, codes, and standards for rigging courses
  • Identifying hazards such as traffic and environmental situations, ground stability, and other important measures
  • Comprehension of various soil types and ground conditions to secure the stability of plant and equipment

The applicant will have the knowledge and proficiency to complete the basic rigging work after completion of this course.