Everything You Need To Know To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

Gain more views on Instagram reels

Instagram reels brought a blow to the Instagram world. Back in August 2020, Instagram released its ‘reels’ feature, and since then, it has only seen craze among its users. When TikTok got banned in India, Instagram reels successfully captured the mammoth market of TikTok users.

With such a colossal amount of users, it becomes difficult to catch the viewers’ attention. But with the right strategy and planning, you can gain many views on reels, and your account will grow enormously. Therefore through this article, we will bring you some tips to gain more views on Instagram reels.

Create Valuable Content

Content is the indispensable factor that you must work upon to grow on a platform like Instagram. If you are producing good content, no matter how the algorithm goes, your content will surely catch the eye of your viewers.

Understand your audience, know what they expect to get from you, and create your content on similar grounds. Watch the trending reels and create similar content with your touch of uniqueness, and you will surely gain more views on Instagram reels.

Post Reels Consistently

Consistency is the key, and you must adhere to it if you desire to get exposure from Instagram. More and more content at a consistent rate assures that you show up on the reels feed, and this way, you get those additional views.

Apart from Instagram’s algorithm viewers, also expect you to create and upload content regularly. In this way, you can gain regular views, and it helps your account grow faster.

Use Popular Soundtracks & Other Reel Tools

You will find a vast song library on Instagram, and creators can use these in their reels. At times some songs get very popular- every other creator uses that track to get more views. It is so because once you watch a reel on a particular song, Instagram tends to suggest you reels on the same song track. The Instagram algorithm can make you gain views if you use the trendy soundtracks in your Instagram reels.

Write And Engaging Caption

Writing an engaging caption is the most underrated part of uploading a reel. If you have an attractive caption under your reel, there are higher chances that your viewer will hook to your content. As a bonus, some viewers may also save your reel because of its catchy caption. Use your captions more appealing to gain more views on Instagram reels.

Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to catch an audience if you are new to the platform. Hashtags tell Instagram about what the reel is based upon, and then it pins the reel to the relevant viewers.

Create a Custom Thumbnail For Your Reels

Attractive and engaging thumbnails are an excellent way to attract the audience and gain more views. The thumbnails must be relative to the content in the reel and must give rise to curiosity in viewers. Although, you must stay away from click baits.

Embrace CTAs in Your Reels

The call to action is a way to engage your audience and prompt them to perform the desired action. If you want your viewers to instantly like, comment, save and share your reel, you must try embracing CTAs in your reels.

Be Responsive to Comments

A highly effective way to stay connected to your audience is to be responsive to their comments. It is the easiest way to gain audience love and to build a bond with them.
The viewers feel more connected with you and are more likely to stay connected with your content.

These are some of the things you need to work on to gain more views on Instagram reels.