Types Of Stair Treads

stair treads sydney

In simple terms, stair treads can be referred to as the horizontal pieces that form a stair. There are various elements included during the formation of stairs and stair treads happen to be one of them. 

There are various types of them that you can look to install in Sydney, we will discuss them one by one:- 

1. Wood treads: 

One of the most common types of stair treads have to be wood treads. The good thing about this material is that it can be installed both inside as well as outside of your home. As far as the interior goes, any type of wood stair tread is going to work well so you don’t have to be so particular about the quality. But as far as the exterior goes, you have to choose the material of the topmost quality. From hard maple to walnut to distressed wood, there are so many choices that you can make regarding the stairs. This wide variety is open to all as long as a lot of money can be spent on it. 

2. Glass treads: 

This will give a classy look to your place. But there are many things to be considered in your mind. Glass treads are going to be very sensitive to damage. So you have to make sure you walk carefully on them as being careless can cause harm to the stair treads as well as your body. Apart from that, these are very expensive as well. The material to be bought requires you to scale your budget further. The issues don’t end here. You will also have to make sure that you find amazing professional services to install glass stair treads in Sydney. It is a great option as long as you’re not careless about its installation and maintenance. 

3. Tile treads: 

This form of stair treads has become popular these days. Just like wood, they are going to provide a durable option to you. While you never know when glass treads break and your property gets damaged, the same is not the case with tile treads. With a variety of options available, it wouldn’t be hard to come up with a design of your choice either. The requirement of maintenance is far lesser as well. 

4. Composite treads: 

It can be a great option if you want to install stair treads outside your house in Sydney. They don’t fade or scratch so easily. The sunlight and rain don’t have much impact on these treads either. It automatically means that it is a very durable option. Since the requirement of maintenance is minimal, you’re going to have a seriously good time once you install it. 

5. Stone treads: 

These are also suitable for outdoor purposes. When you install stairs outside your place, everyone around you will have a look at them at some point in time. You would want the stairs to look picture perfect. With this option in terms of stair treads in Sydney available, you will enjoy durability as well as beauty in your outdoor spaces.

These are all the major types of stair treads that you can add in Sydney. Understand the motive behind the installation of stair treads and choose the most suitable option!