Things One Must Think While Selecting Aged Care Cleaning Products

aged care cleaning products

Aged care cleaning is challenging, and it offers challenges during execution. One requires to be vigilant while selecting the right products. One of the popular aged care cleaning products is Whiteley Viraclean in Sydney. However, not every product offers the same benefits. As a result, one must ensure that their selection is proper through various details. Though it is not convenient, being vigilant adds to the benefits. One must check everything from ingredients to company promises before selecting any particular product.

Before You Make Any Selection, Ensure To Prepare Well For The Selection 

  • Make A Checklist

While selecting aged care cleaning products, one must check the components used to curate the product. List every requirement you might have from aged care cleaning products. This checklist will offer you a skeleton to select the right products. 

  • Eliminate Clutter 

It is essential that before you select any cleaning products, you de-clutter everything. You will need equipment as well as products to execute cleaning. In addition, having a colour-codding system will offer you better control over the process of cleaning. 

How To Select Aged Care Cleaning Products: 

  • Ingredients Matter

Start at the ingredient list. If the product you pick up doesn’t reveal its ingredients, be sure to move away. Send that company a message and do not purchase their product. Clarity is enormous when looking for safe products in this day and age. While there may be dependable products without a disclosed constituent list, you have no way of understanding that the product you are about to use is secure. The lack of an ingredient list is a big red flag, and it’s not worth the risk.

  • Know What To Stay Away From


Toxic when inhaled, swallowed, or touched ammonia can be hazardous on multiple levels. Including it in aged care can lead to health hazards that can harm the elderly. Hence it is vital to select products without ammonia. 

Antibacterial & Disinfectants: 

These include a whole list of components varying from Bleach to Triclosan. The overuse of these results is blamed for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the truth is that powerful disinfectants are rarely needed.

Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl: 

This is common in most disinfectants and threatens the nervous system, liver & kidneys. In addition, these parts can be weaker in the elderly. Such ingredients and can bring hazards to the elderly. 

Chlorine Bleach: 

Now, what is the right way of saying no to bleach? NO!! You must never select products with bleach as it can lead to other problems. 

Petroleum Solvents:

Ingredients curated from petroleum solvents can lead to several hazards. Elements such as formaldehyde can do more harm than good. 

Phosphates and sulphates: 

Used for fragrance, these can leave residue can create toxins challenging to eliminate. Stay away from products with artificial scents, leading to health issues. 

  • Don’t Believe The Labels 

Many companies will have products labelled as natural and toxin-free. However, such is not the case in most places. These labels can be misleading, and believing them might cost you more than you would like. In addition, such titles might keep you from checking the ingredients list; you must look at any cost before selecting any product for aged care. 

  • Check Everything 

Before you select any particular product, be sure to review and read everything, as it will offer you a better view of product selection. In addition, check from the large variety of products before selecting any particular option. 

 These tips will offer you better control over selecting products regarding aged care.