What Is An Onboarding Software And Why You Need One

employee onboarding software

No company, irrespective of its size, denies the onboarding process’s significance. It is one of the critical aspects that the employees check when reviewing an organisation’s culture. 

Providing the best onboarding experience speaks a lot about the company’s reputation and culture. 

What Is Onboarding Software?

The onboarding software is a programmed method of training the newly-hired employees about the business process and how they can contribute to the company’s success. 

It is an excellent way of preparing the new candidates joining the organisation and the managers. 

It helps integrate the new employees into the company with ease, boosts the culture, and allows them to coordinate and be more socially productive. 

  • The onboarding software works in a digital medium and allows the manager and the employer to track the progress of the new hires.
  • The software comes with a platform that displays eligibility verification of the company, provides payroll information, details of employee benefits, and looks into compliance issues. 
  • The software also includes training videos for the employees to access to initiate a good start.

Key features:

The following are the key features you will come across in the employee onboarding software:

Welcome portals with a simple interface 

Typically, the onboarding software refers to the core of your organisation’s human resources core, so you need to consider it as a welcome portal. Therefore you need to check whether it has a user-friendly interface and can reduce the risk of drop-offs. Moreover, it must include information that every newly-hired employee needs to know. 

Candidate onboarding 

The software must make candidate onboarding or the final stage of the hiring procedure effortless. From sending the offer letter to the candidates, background screening of the employment, onboarding paperwork, and entailing the first day at work, it needs to positively impact the candidate’s experience. 

Paperless onboarding

Paperless onboarding refers to software or a centralised HR management system to expedite and make the hiring process seamless. The software tools need to make the onboarding process more flexible, automated, and subjective. 

Onboarding reports

Are you aware of where the new employee is during the onboarding process? You need to know who will train the new hires on the first day. The software includes the steps that each new employee completes after the first day of work under the leadership of the seniors. The reporting functionality also supervises and tracks the functioning of the onboarding team and improves the process on the whole. 

Are you wondering what onboarding software is? You need to analyse the point mentioned above’s vis-à-vis your operation to make the most of it. 

Why do you need onboarding software?

The onboarding software is necessary to create a good relationship between the employer and the employee, and the new hires settle down in the business environment with ease. With the installation of automated employee onboarding, your organisation gets the following.

  • Promoting standardisation and centralisation
  • Enhances the productivity of new hires 
  • Provides access to employee information 
  • Ensures compliance 
  • Saves time through the reduction of every task
  • Provides valuable insights

Onboarding management is a necessity to help the organisation create a strategic system.