To Keep Your Candidate And Employee Data Secure

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Over the last couple of years, there has been a hike of around 400% in cyber-attacks, mainly after the pandemic. 

As employees are working from home most of the time, cyber security-based issues have always been prevalent. 

But, most of the employees are not experts in this field. It won’t be an issue if they work from the office and connect to the enterprise network. 

But that risk will rise when they start working from home, as they have to use personal work devices. 

Not just the employees, but it is high time to protect application information like social security numbers, contact information, and more from cyber-attacks. 

There are ways to keep online hr applications safe, and learning about the points right now is essential.

Establish a Cyber Security Policy

If you don’t have a proper cyber security policy, you will always remain a step behind. That might be devastating news for the business if you encounter a data breach. 

So, creating a solid policy is essential and getting that signed by the current and upcoming employees. Make them review the same first. 

Be sure to include specifications like personal devoice for work-based purposes, physical and digital security, and more.

Improve Password Security

You have known the importance of passwords for ages now. But, weak passwords are still there, resulting in 80% of data breaches. 

Some firms will force their employees to change passwords regularly, even when the users make minor changes to their passwords. 

Instead of this point, you can request employees to generate only one password when the old one has been compromised. 

Some evidence state that passwords made using three random words is always better than a string of numbers, symbols, or letters. 

Avoid using SSNs when possible.

For protecting against any identity theft and more, take proper steps to avoid transmitting, printing and then using the SSNs of employees when the time comes.

Keep An Access Log And Monitor It

Always keep track of those who access employee records, and learn why. 

If the records are stored electronically, ensure that the software can control ad log when documents are accessed.

Essential Data Should Be Back-Upped

Always use the 3-2-1 strategy for backing up data. Create three different copies of all data, store them in a minimum of two types of storage media and then keep one copy stored at an offsite location. 

Bring Shadow IT Into the Light

Shadow IT uses the IT systems, software, devices, services, and application without any explicit IT department approval. 

This section has grown with employees, mainly with the remote workers starting to use all forms of tools to be productive.

Be Proactive In Your Approach

Always take the necessary steps to protect your firm against attacks. 

For that, get the IT department set up that 3-prong approach by controlling encryption keys, controlling access, and encrypting sensitive data. 

Moreover, HR needs to be off-boarding the former employees properly to keep the confidential information within the firm.