Key Factors To Consider While Installing Auto Garage Door Opener

auto garage door opener

The chain-drive system, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective way of operating garage doors. It consists of a metal chain that pushes or pulls down the door. Meanwhile, the computer-controlled system does not require any screws or chains. This system is recommended for garages with low headroom because it provides more storage space in the ceiling. In this article, therefore, we will look at the factors to consider before installing an auto garage door opener.

Energy Consumption  

The majority of automatic garage door opener systems require low voltage to operate the door. However, you must also consider the door’s power consumption when the unit is in standby mode. There are operators who have transformers that can save you a lot of money on your operating costs. Look for doors that have those transformers.


Expensive auto garage door openers open much faster than standard ones, reducing your waiting time on the street or driveway.

Security And Safety

If someone or something unexpectedly obstructs the door, the motor must be turned off immediately to avoid further damage or injuries. When auto garage door opener collide with something, they usually reverse, as safety regulations require.

 This safety sensor is activated by an electronic beam that can detect and compensate for changing conditions. This feature comes at an additional cost to you, but it is the safety of your family, home, and belongings that is at stake here.

Safety And Security

Auto garage door opener use random codes for security, which helps prevent copying and duplicating your security code. A unique random password is generated each time a remote is used to open the door.


Some garage door models include a security light that turns on automatically when the system is turned on. The light lasts long enough for you to get out of your car and into your house before it goes out. Some doors have switches on the remote that allow you to turn on the light without having to open the door.

Backup Battery

Some auto garage door opener include a battery backup, which is a useful feature. In the event of a power outage, the battery backup allows you to open or close the garage door with the push of a button. Power outages may become more common in areas prone to severe weather. If your home frequently experiences power outages, look for a garage door opener that includes a battery backup.

Smart Functions

Another benefit of an auto garage door opener is its smart features. Smart features connect the garage door opener to the user’s cell phone, desktop, or tablet, allowing them to control their garage door with the touch of a button. Smart features are convenient and provide some level of security.

Homeowners who are concerned that their garage door may be left open while they are away from home can check the status of the door and, if necessary, close it. Not all automatic garage door openers include smart features, so if this is important to you, speak with your garage door installation professional.

Keep these considerations in mind before purchasing an auto garage door opener for your home.