Benefits Of A Good Gynecomastia Surgery Post-Op Routine

gynecomastia surgery in India

Often, men experience this condition named gynecomastia, where the pectoral area undergoes growth and the breasts become enlarged. The best gynecomastia surgery in India helps to remove excess fat from the chest without removing the breast tissue. Most people think that yoga can have a good effect in treating, but it is not true since it does not impact the breast tissue. It can reduce the swelling, if any.

It is a common phenomenon observed worldwide, and several treatments have also been developed to treat the issue. It can happen to any man on any given day and at any point in his life. It causes an individual to feel embarrassment and guilt. You must visit an experienced gynecomastia surgeon in Mumbai to get your issues solved as soon as possible and cut yourself off from the feelings of shame and embarrassment in society.

How To Maintain Post-Surgical Care?

Healthy Diet

This is a vital component of post-surgical care. You must follow a healthy lifestyle and eat good food to let the body heal and strengthen itself. Avoid your meals as they can prove harmful to your health. Try some mild exercises as suggested by the doctor. This is necessary to prevent the formation of clots in specific parts of the body. 

Stay Hydrated

Your body stays hydrated after gynecomastia surgery. You must keep drinks around you and drink them at intervals. You can also set reminders for drinking at intervals. Keep Gatorade available for keeping your body in the running state.

Take Enough Sleep

Once you have undergone gynecomastia surgery,  it is suggested that you sleep on your back for nearly three days at an angle of 45 degrees to avoid any pressure on your breasts. This is one of the best postures to heal quickly and stay relaxed. Sitting straight or laying straight may increase the possibility of discomfort and mild pain in your body. It would help if you continued to do so until you felt comfortable sleeping the way you usually did. As time goes on, things will start falling in place.

Ice Packs

The use of such soothing elements is suggested during the post-recovery phase. You must not hesitate in wearing the fitting garments that prevent infection and the oozing out of incisions. You should apply the ice packs indirectly around your breast area for around two days. Do not apply it directly because the skin goes numb for a few days after the gynecomastia surgery. Using the ice packs now in such cases may lead to burning of the skin that m8ght not even be felt by the patient due to numbness. 


Do not drive for the first three days while taking pain relievers or if you are in any way impaired. Such activities can only be resumed after some time has passed and the doctor allows you to do so.