An In-Depth Discussion On Solar Panel Installation In Armidale And Maintenance

solar panel installation Armidale

A solar energy system comprises solar panels or modules and a solar inverter with a computerized controller. The solar panels produce DC or direct current electricity from sunlight. The inverter converted the generated electricity into alternating current or AC, making it usable in the household. The computerized controller manages the solar energy system and guarantees optimal performance. You need a battery if you want to have a battery backup system. Here in this write-up, you will learn about solar panel installation in Armidale elaborately. The solar energy system has become one of the sought-after sources of power among people across the globe.

Installation process:

Mostly, it is seen that the solar panel installation in Armidale is done on the roof. The roofs have desired the desired specification for installation, so the panels get adequate hours of direct sunlight. However, if the solar panels cannot be installed on the roof, they can be installed on the ground. In case of mounting the panels on the ground, you need to check that there must not be any objects blocking access to the sun. 

Steps of installation:

Several steps need to follow while doing solar panel installation in Armidale. Installation must be done following the right method and must be done by experienced professionals. Expertise is required in installing solar panels. Here are the steps that must be followed while installing solar panels:

  • The first step involves setting up the scaffolding.
  • The second step involves setting up a solar panel mounting system.
  • After the mounts are set up, solar panels are installed on the mounting structure. The entire mounting structure must be arranged so that it gets maximum sunlight the entire day.
  • The next step involves in the installation process is the installation of electrical wiring. 
  • The solar inverter should be connected to the system.
  • Afterwards, the solar inverter needs to be connected to the solar battery.
  • The inverter must be connected to the consumer unit for generating electricity.
  • The last step involves switching on the power and testing the solar panel system. 

Maintenance of solar panels:

Once the solar panel installation in Armidale is done, the first thing that comes to the consumers’ minds is how to maintain the solar panels. As the solar panels have no moving parts, solar panels require little maintenance. Once the installation cost is covered, there are hardly any costs associated with maintaining solar panels. 

Wrapping up:

When you do solar panel installation in Armidale, it is your primary responsibility to get the entire system examined by an experienced installer every 4-5years. You can ask the installer for specific maintenance of your system if it requires any. If you are keen on taking the next step and want to install solar panels for your home, then you must not delay and begin your hunt for the top-rated solar panels companies that can help you in the entire process, right from giving consultation to installation. Get quotes from 2-3 companies, compare and settle for the one that meets your requirement.