How To Impress Your Hotel Guests

Hotel pen

Don’t you have ideas for impressing your hotel guests? According to the analysis, guests appreciate a comfortable room most admiringly, and that service is the next most significant factor. Not only guest will be impressed by providing a comfortable room, but they will also need comfort in all things. It is a better way to impress your guest by providing all the necessary things for them. It is from doing a simple thing like starting from providing hotel pen to the towel, by providing all things to them they will surely get attracted by your service. And your hotel will gain popularity among many people, so provide high-end service to those from arriving to still vacating. By doing these things, your hotel ratings will stand out on the high list, and here you can see how to impress your hotel guests: 

Make an unforgettable first impression:

For impressing the hotel guest, you need to create the best impression in the first meeting itself. You need to plan the first impression even before the guests arrive at your hotel. It needs to start from making the reservation to a confirmation that their booking, these messages will be received correctly, they will get impressed. For the guest’s complete reservation, you can send thank you for your reservation. Then after they arrive at the hotels, you can offer a rose, a notepad, and a hotel pen to impress them.

Remember the names of your guests:

It is a good idea to impress your guest, but this one is a considerable challenge for the big hotel chains but should be doable for smaller hotels. Try to remember your guests’ names, and taking notes with a hotel pen in your reservation book makes recognizing the guests easier. Wait for their surprised faces when you can call them by name without peaking, and by doing this, they will feel special right away.

Personalized messages:

By using your hotel pen, you can impress your guests by presenting a personalized message. After reading that personalized message, they will probably be got amazed, and they will get impressed. By seeing that message, their facial expression will be changed, and even if they are in a bad mood, this message will bring a smile to your guest face. You can send a lovely postcard to the guests at their home address once they checked out. When the guests are back in their homes again and see your postcard, they will immediately have a flashback to their great stay in your hotel.

Offer takeaway breakfast and lunch:

If the hotel offers a portion of food at all-time, they will definitely get impressed, and they will share this message with their friends, and they prefer you always every time when they do the out stay. Because some guests might want to go on an early morning adventure, there is no breakfast in many hotels, so it is better to provide food. Then some guests would like to eat their food in their room, so you need to provide food at the room service. It is a better idea to see the happy face of your guest.

Final verdict:

These are the things above mentioned to impress your hotel guests and if you follow these things properly, you will impress your hotel guests.