Insulated Sandwich Panels – Composition To Look

Insulated Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane (PUR) is a rigid foam that is produced by mixing polyol and isocyanurate in a certain manner and under specific conditions for insulated sandwich panels. It provides superior thermal insulation as a result of its closed-cell construction. In commercial and residential projects, the PUR insulation core is the finest choice for thermal insulation in the wall panels of the structures. In addition, fire-prone constructions need the PIR insulation core, which is an FM-approved closed-cell PUR version with better fire resistance, as well as the PIR insulation core.

Production choices:

PUR and PIR panels are high in energy efficiency, provide pleasant and dependable surroundings, and are in conformity with international requirements. They may be installed externally or secretly and can be lined, micro-lined, or deep-lined. Sandwich roof panels made from PUR/PIR insulated sandwich material are available in a variety of heights, thicknesses, and colours to meet your building’s needs, from 2-12 meters, and in a range of thicknesses from 40-200 mm.

Roof panels:

PUR/PIR insulated sandwich panels roof panels provide excellent thermal insulation for your structures. PIR, the FM-approved insulation alternative to PUR with a superior fire resistance performance, may be used to assure your building’s fire resistance. International standards-compliant PUR and Pir panels roof panels provide energy-efficient, pleasant, and dependable environments by allowing the appropriate spans to be securely loaded with their 3 or 5 rib shapes. Using PUR/PIR insulated sandwich roof panels, you may get both attractive and smart alternatives for your buildings owing to its sandwich roof panels created in lengths of 2-15 meters, in thicknesses varying from 40-200 mm, and in a variety of colours.

Acoustic panels:

The Acoustic insulated sandwich panels, which provide ideal sound insulation by absorbing the sound, are the best option for venues with a noise source. It is possible to utilize sandwich panels with acoustic properties on the outside and interior walls and ceilings of your building. Acoustic panels can’t be used in humid situations like heated buildings because of the vapour permeability of their perforated interior surfaces.


As a result of the mineral wool insulation core and perforated sheet surface of the perforated sheet, acoustic Pir panels limit the noise in the industrial buildings and provide pleasant spaces in the gyms and movie theatres. The mineral wool insulation core of the lightweight, economical, and readily applied acoustic sandwich panels ensures fire resistance and sound-thermal insulation.

Cold storage panels:

With their ideal joint feature, Cold Storage insulated sandwich panels come to the forefront as the most accurate solution in the cladding and thermal insulation procedures of the cold rooms or cold storage spaces demanded by sectors. Cold storage insulated sandwich panels, safeguard the heat you wish and take command of the heating and cooling operations. Therefore, it assures energy efficiency. Along with its airtight construction avoiding heat loss, cold storage Pir panels provide sensible solutions for your cold storage rooms by being an economic boost, as well as with their qualities of simple assembly and rapid installation.