5 Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Follow

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The bathroom is a part of the house that must be carefully planned. Whether it’s the social bathroom or the suite bathroom, these spaces must convey tranquillity and be enjoyable, prioritising practicality of use and ease of cleaning.

Usually, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house in terms of available area, but that’s no reason to stop being unique or even left at the bottom of the priority list. You are making your bathroom modern should be a well thought out process in every respect. Follow the below note about bathroom renovations in Turramurra.

Balancing the colour:

You can choose to:

  • Be minimalist in the choice of colours

This way, you don’t compromise, and you can continuously adapt brushstrokes of more contrasting colours with the other elements of the decoration. Opting for neutral tones of white, grey, or light cream gives freedom when choosing the other pieces. It’s a timeless colour scheme. 

  • Explore analogous colours

When you put together the various covering materials in your bathroom renovation, you can choose a balanced way, using analogous colours. 

As an example, you can use the orange colour with yellow. These two colours don’t give you much contrast, but they always stay in the same Mood, making it easier to balance.

  • Explore complementary colours

These are the colours that reverse each other on the colour wheel. With this colour scheme, you will achieve great contrasts. We ask you to be more careful in colour harmony, as the decoration will be calmer.

Choice of mirrors:

The mirror is a fundamental piece to bring your bathroom to life. Its power of amplitude by reflection prints the illusion of expansion of space.

From the point of view of decoration, it is still an essential element, as the forms it can admit are endless. The current trend is the circular mirror, which can be larger or smaller depending on the available space.

Wall tap trend:

Increasingly in bathroom renovations, faucets are prominent pieces. One of the trends is undoubtedly the placement of a washbasin faucet on the wall.

The elegance of the object, the finishes available on the market and the ease of cleaning a free countertop make this type of equipment highly appreciated.

Hydraulic ceramic:

The application of hydraulic ceramics in the renovation of your bathroom can be an excellent option if you are a lover of geometries and appreciate the manual work of these mosaics.

You can apply it on the floor or even as a wall covering. They are mosaics with presence, both in terms of designs and the colours that can be combined.

You can also find various shapes of mosaics, not only square but also hexagonal, which create fabulous patterns and give your bathroom a spontaneous character.

Use and abuse niches:

Who doesn’t love a niche in their bathroom? A perfect little space to put shampoo or bath sponge, Right?

The creation of integrated niches in bathrooms is an interior design proposal that is here to stay. Everyone appreciates its simplicity and functionality.

In addition, as you can see, an eye-catching detail will certainly diversify the interior. So, everyone follows the above tips and fresh up your bathroom decoration with trendy accessories. Hire the best professional for bathroom renovations in Turramurra to give your space a perfect look.