Air Compressor for Sale in Sydney – How to Select

air compressor for sale Sydney

A device that helps in the conversion of power to compressed air or pressurized air which is a form of potential energy is called an air compressor. It is used to force more air into the tank for storage, which in turn increases the pressure or creates compressed air. There are quite a few types of air compressors available in the market. You can select from an air compressor for sale in Sydney.


The various uses of compressed air are-
  • Compressed air find uses in rotating shafts and piston displacement. Devices like paint sprayer that uses high-speed jets need the help of compressed air.
  • Pneumatic tools like drills, nut runners, screwdrivers, riveting guns, brushes etc. derive torque and rotation power from compressed air.

The various types:

  • Low-pressure compressors: Discharges pressure of 150 psi or less
  • Medium pressure compressors: Discharges pressure of 151-1000 psi
  • High-pressure compressors: Discharges pressure of more than 1000 psi

How to select?

∙ Analysing your requirement:

To buy an air compressor for sale in Sydney, you first need to analyse your exact need. If you are looking to use heavy-duty tools, then you have to go for the high-pressure variant. Similarly, you can select a medium pressure or low-pressure compressor based on the tools intended for use. Selecting an improper variant will reduce the efficiency of the compressor.

∙ Portable or piston-type:

Portable air compressors run constantly, and they come without tanks. Piston type variant comes with a motor that helps in building up air pressure whenever it gets decreased. Therefore, based on the above choose a variant that works for you.

∙ Considering the power source:

Your options are a gasoline engine compressor or an electric motor compressor. Therefore, you select the type depending on the availability of electricity. This will make it easier for you to choose from air compressor for sale in Sydney.

∙ Considering the Horsepower:

If you are looking for an air compressor for industrial use, it is best to go for the one with higher horsepower (HP). However, there are also variants available for small and medium-sized applications.

∙ Considering the tank size:

When going for the piston type variant of air compressor, it is important to focus on the size of the tank while selecting from an air compressor for sale in Sydney. For applications that are low-duty, going for small tank sizes is ideal as the work does not require much time. However, for applications that need a longer time, it is best to go for a larger tank air compressor.

Maintenance of air compressor:

Keeping air compressors in a clean, dry, cool area that is well-ventilated is important for the air compressor to function properly. It should be kept close to the location of operation.

Making the purchase:

When you are sure of the type of air compressor that you need for your requirement, it is crucial to decide where to make the purchase. This will also depend on your budget and the number of air compressors you want to purchase. The simplest way is to buy online to get your compressors delivered at home. You can buy air compressor for sale in Sydney both online and offline. However, while going for online sellers, research a bit on the background of your selected seller and talk to them personally to get the best deal on air compressors.