How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Driveway Sealer

If you do not seal your concrete driveway, it could be vulnerable to wear and tear from any source. Whether it is your car or just nature, a concrete driveway that has not been sealed can instantly turn your money into nothing.

Coloured driveway sealers have been shown to help many homeowners keep their concrete driveways in good shape. People know that concrete surfaces are porous, which means that even a small amount of water can damage the concrete quickly. These surfaces can still be used even without sealers, but sealers make your stencil concrete resurfacing last longer and give you more benefits in the end.

Here is how to choose the right coloured driveway sealer for your concrete driveway.

Choose a Complementary Colour 

There are a few things you should think about when choosing the right coloured driveway sealer. First, make sure that the colour you choose goes with the other colours in your house. Using sealer in colours that go well together can make your concrete driveway look elegant and like it was made for your home.

Consider How Light Affects Your Concrete Driveway’s Surface

Most people know that colours and shades that are light reflect heat. On the other hand, darker colours tend to hold and absorb heat. This is true for many outdoor surfaces because they are exposed to changes in temperature caused by natural elements and weather. Because colours have such an effect on surfaces, you should think about how they will affect the surface of your driveway. Check first to see if the surface of your driveway is made of something that can handle heat without having to be replaced all the time because of wear and tear.


You should also think about how a  coloured driveway sealer will change your concrete driveway looks. You could choose a glossy, spot-on sealer that makes the colours of decorative concrete stand out. Your contractor can suggest products to you. There are different gloss levels, from matte to high gloss, which makes the driveway look wet. You could also choose more natural concrete, especially if it looks like natural stones like granite or travertine, which are not shiny on their own. If you want to protect the concrete without changing its look, use a penetrating sealant. Once it is on, it’s almost impossible to tell it’s there.

Protective Powers

You need to think about how well the sealant protects the driveway and for how long. Coloured driveway sealers that go deep into the surface stop rain and dirt, making the concrete last longer. Vapours inside the paving can also escape through sealants that get into the cracks.

Consult the Help of a Professional

You have to decide which coloured driveway sealer is best for your concrete driveway, but you should talk to a local concrete driveway contractor if you are having trouble. They can help you decide by pointing out the best parts of each choice and suggesting the best colour for your concrete driveway.

Many kinds of surface sealants can be used to protect concrete. Acrylics wear out faster than other materials and do not last as long. However, acrylics that are made with solvents tend to last longer than acrylics that are made with water. Polyurethane covers concrete with a thick layer that is very resistant to water.