Usefulness Of DTF Printers For Your Business

dtf printer

Direct-to-film printers are meant to print a design onto a film. It will apply and melt a powder adhesive to the printed film and press the design onto the merchandise. With the help of this device, you add significant value to your garment printing business. 

Application In A Variety Of Materials 

The best part about using DTF printers, you can work on various garment materials such as cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and light and dark fabrics. If you are running a garment business that needs to make impressive prints in different garments, DTF printers have to be your best choice. 

Less Use Of White Ink 

The usage of resources is significantly less in DTF printers. If we compare it with DTG printers, the requirement is a mere 40% in DTF printing versus 200% in DTG printing. In the long run, it is very beneficial for your business as you can save the costs involved in buying white ink. You also must know that white ink is one of the most expensive materials in the garment industry. So if a particular printer is offering less use of white ink, you should prefer it without a second thought. 

Easy Application

DTF printers have a comfortable application and can be used very quickly. It will make it easy to place the design on awkward surfaces. You need to heat the area properly before putting it on the plan. You can sell the printed transfers directly to customers. They can use multiple copies of the transfers to apply on different surfaces. 

No Pretreatment 

The printing tasks can be performed at a rapid pace with DTF printers. There’s no pretreatment required here. The hot melt power applied to the DTF transfers the print directly to the material. Thus, there’s no pretreatment required. 

If you’re fed up with the cost of printing through DTG printers, you can use the help of DTF printers instead. It has an extensive application, and the printing process can be conducted quickly with its help. Since you can eliminate the step of pretreatment and drying your garment, you can also reduce production time significantly. So if you want to keep your inventory more versatile, you should install DTF printers immediately and increase your business’s growth!