blinds in double bay

The perfect window treatment to get the window covered with a lot of protection from the direct UV rays and other outside harsh elements is blind. Blinds are versatile and fit all spaces with their different designs and options.

Blinds in the double bay are not just in a single variety but many more. Blinds play as an ideal fit for living and drawing room to spend some leisure time with the family members at any time of the day. Different types of blinds come which helps make the perfect ambience for both the dark and the light room. Installing blinds in your space may prove to be cost-efficient, power-saving, helps in light control and for better privacy too.



This is the most popular and the most common type of blind which has traditional slats that rely on the rope system to operate. These are versatile with different colour options to fit all the important spaces. It has the same pull and drop system that you may have seen before. 


The slats in this blind work vertically or from top to bottom with strips of fibre or material that may help tilt it out. This is the most common type of blind to cover the large glass window and sliding glass doors.


Pleated blinds use fabric that can fold and stack up and down too. These blinds in the double bay offer an incredible appearance via their texture and ease to handle. It uses the pulley system or has mechanical engines to operate. This shade can prove perfect for room darkening and light-filtering depending on the colours.


Just like plastic blinds, vinyl blinds are also made of plastic, but the thicker ones get the durability just right. They have a smooth finish and a variety of textures. These are long-lasting blinds in the double bay and need low maintenance too.


The rustic and traditional atmosphere is all in one. Helps in light control, and sound absorption and blocks sunlight too. Wood is also resistant to moisture and is recyclable too which makes it the perfect choice. It has the traditional rope ladder system.


This type of blind gives a sleek appearance to the space by just being there. The metal is used for its durability and versatility to match the décor. This needs low maintenance and looks rich too. They also come in different styles and colours and are easy to repair as well.

Your interior designer might tell you what will be the best blind in the double bay that will suit your perfect window. From all the different options and unique technology, blinds are also very functional in all ways. It also helps beautify the space in all aspects so that you want to have your evening tea with a view that is not so boring.