Benefits Of Aged Care Massage

aged care massage

As we age, it becomes even more important to take care of both the inside and outside of our bodies. Our muscles, bones, and joints are more likely to hurt and ache. We can fight this effect by staying active and working out regularly, which makes the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons more flexible and loose.

Aged care massage is one way to help older people feel better when they are in pain. It is a non-invasive way to treat aches and pains and other problems that come with getting older, especially when used with other treatments. When your elderly loved ones get massages regularly, they can feel better and lighter, improving their quality of life.

Aged care massage has many benefits for the body, such as giving you more energy and feeling refreshed. It helps ease tension, which makes it easier to deal with anxiety and stress.

Here are some ways massage therapy can improve life for older people.

Promotes Quality of Sleep

Aged care massage done regularly can help people sleep better and for longer. This can improve health because it gives the body more time to heal and rest.

Stimulates the Nervous System

Aged care massage makes hormones and neurotransmitters, which are important for the nervous system’s work. Massage is soothing, and it helps make endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, which are all chemicals that make you feel good.

Increases Blood Flow and Improves Balance

The most important benefit for older people is better circulation. Aged care massage helps the blood flow to the limbs a great deal. Through kneading, soft stroking, and applying moderate pressure to different parts of the body, massage therapy helps the body’s blood flow. Massage therapy improves circulation and blood flow, which affects our sense of balance and makes us less likely to fall or get hurt.

Relieves Arthritic Pain

Massage can help ease the pain of osteoarthritis, but it can’t cure it. Focusing on getting more blood to the joints and warming the painful areas has been shown to help people with arthritis feel less pain. Over a few months, older people who got massages as part of their treatment for osteoarthritis had less pain and stiffness and were able to do more activities that are physical.

Enhances Stroke Recovery

Seniors who have had a stroke are told to get up and move around again. This can be helped by massage therapy, which stimulates damaged areas and focuses on anything that might be stuck.

Boosts Immunity

Aged care massage helps your immune system work better and gets rid of toxins from your body, which makes your blood flow better. It has been found that people who get massages are much less sick than those who do not. Massage increases the activity of white blood cells, which help fight off disease and may help lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Mental Health

Massage has been shown to stop the harmful buildup of cortisol, also called the stress hormone. This lets the body rest and heal. Physiotherapy can also be a chance to meet new people. Seniors will work one-on-one with a physiotherapist to improve their health and reach their health goals.

There is no doubt that working with older clients can be very helpful for the client and the massage therapist. The client will often feel several health benefits, such as more freedom of movement, less pain, and a warm, human touch from the therapist. But for the aged care massage professional, helping the elderly can be very rewarding.