If you are looking for a good quality fabric to upholster your interior, selecting an exceptionally durable and beautiful material is crucial. Choosing a fabric that looks good but fails to uphold over time is futile. Charles Parsons fabric is one of Australia’s most extensive and diverse fabrics. This fabric can be used for commercial purposes and residential projects as well. Charles Parsons fabrics provide various benefits and advantages over the other materials in the market, making them one of the best. However, if you opt for this fabric, it will look as good as new after years if you maintain it properly. Maintenance is essential when it comes to upholstery fabric. 

Charles Parsons Fabrics are put through vigorous testing in the laboratory itself. The fabrics are evaluated for abrasion resistance, pilling, absence of free formaldehyde, seam slippage, colour fastness, dimensional change for drapery and pile retention for velvets. Cleaning and caring are crucial to keep the fabric’s fresh look and maintain the aesthetic. You can’t exploit the material and still expect it to be upheld for years. 

Taking proper care is essential for the long durability of your high-quality textiles. Weight, fibre content and colour are important factors when maintaining your furnishing fabrics. Before cleaning any Charles Parsons Fabrics, refer to the label instructions. 

Following are the ways to clean your Charles Parsons Fabrics.

  • Curtains care: Before laundering the curtains, referring to the care instruction label is essential. Regular vacuuming will keep your curtains dust free and will avoid the build-up of dust on them. Avoid soiling the Charles Parsons Fabrics with dirty hands. Removal of trims, hooks and rings before cleaning is essential. Do not soak, bleach, wring or rub. Hand wash them with a wool-approved detergent in cold or warm water. Avoid tumble drying. Re-hanging to dry will give the best results—only warm iron on the fabric side. 

Velvet curtains require extra care and maintenance. Avoid direct contact of window contracts with the curtains. Dry cleaning is strongly recommended. When hanging velvet curtains for the first time, spray water finely once drawn. When left to dry, refrain from touching the curtains. The pile would improve by the effects of the atmosphere if only initially cared for. 

  • General upholstery care: Avoid removing the cushion covers for separate cleaning. Always clean with hot water. Avoid using laundry or dishwashing detergents. Only wash with upholstery detergent. Avoid drying in direct sunlight and heat. Dry in the shade thoroughly before reusing. Professional dry-cleaning at least once a year. Avoid scrubbing with a stiff brush. Provide proper ventilation during the cleaning and drying process. Try gently vacuuming to restore the pile of Charles Parsons Fabrics. Try treating stains and spills as soon as you can. Avoid rough scraping on the surface. Gently scrape out the oil or mop liquid. Refrain from scrubbing. Only apply the appropriate cleaning agents according to the instructions to eliminate the residue of the spill. Vacuum daily on low suction to avoid dust residing on the Charles Parsons Fabrics. Regularly rotate the cushions to minimise fibre damage and colour loss. 
  • Sun protection: With the most damaging sunlight conditions in Australia, there are high chances of product damage and premature fading. Soft furnishing fabrics or Charles Parsons Fabrics can be damaged if exposed to direct or reflective UV light for a long time. Natural yarns like linen or cotton are easily damaged compared to artificial wool like acrylic or polyester. 

To maximise the life expectancy of your Charles Parsons Fabrics, better care and maintenance are required. Read the informative label on your Charles Parsons Fabrics and follow through to avoid damage to the fabric.