Page Speed And Experience In SEO: 9 Ways To Eliminate Issues


If the page of your website doesn’t open on time, people will soon leave the site. Even if you’re offering strong content, the lag in your website can lead to frustration and a tendency for the visitors to leave without checking the page. When you incorporate page speed and experience in SEO, it is going to help your website achieve a much better rank on Google. The issues can arise due to varied reasons and with the help of these nine ways, you can eliminate such issues along with an SEO specialist in Sydney

#1: Minify Coding 

One of the things that you can do about page speed and experience in SEO is to minify coding. There are tools such as  HTMLMinifier, CSSNano and UglifyJS that can help you. Optimising CSS, JavaScript and HTML with the help of a top website design company in Sydney is going to help you in achieving the target. 

#2: Caching 

Another thing that can help you in getting rid of the issues is to install caching on the application level. You will get plugins from WordPress and CMS. You need to discuss with an SEO specialist in Sydney like Zeal Digital  to decide which plugin is right. 

#3: Use Lazy Loading

When you have uploaded too many images to a website, the problem of loading time is always going to exist. You can have asynchronous loading which is also referred to as lazy loading to solve this concern and improve page speed and experience in SEO. 

#4: Reduce Redirects

If your website features too many redirects, the concern of page speed issues is always going to be there. With the assistance of the right website design company in Sydney, you can reduce redirects and get rid of the concern. 

#5: Upgrade Hosting 

You can also look to upgrade hosting about page speed and experience in SEO. If you’re using an old hosting system, it is time to replace it with a brand-new one. 

#6: Remove Unused Coding 

If you have unused JavaScript or CSS code, you should look to eliminate it. All these small things matter when you want to enhance page speed and experience in SEO. 

#7: Optimise Videos And Images 

Does your website feature various videos and images? You can use the help of an SEO specialist in Sydney and optimise them. If your images or videos are large, consider a content delivery network or third-party hosting. 

#8: Assistance Of A Content Delivery Network 

You should also try to place your videos, images, CSS, JavaScript or any static files on a content delivery network. Simply referred to as CDN, the platform is meant to host files and improve the delivery speed on your website. It is very helpful when you need to improve page speed and experience in SEO. 

#9: Audit Your Plugins 

Are you using too many plugins? You need to review all of them if the loading speed of your web page is not impressive. If you’re not using a certain type of plugin, you should completely avoid them. 

So hire a reputed website design company in Sydney like Zeal Digital to include all these solutions to improve the page speed and experience on your website!