What Is Contiguous Piling And How Is It Done?

If you are thinking of creating a basement or cellar in your present house or building, you may consider using the contiguous piling construction method. It is a process of crafting a strong foundation for an existing building. It is an effective means of reinforcing the foundation of an old building. 

In this process, a retaining wall with a row of augered piles is created. It is done by constructing stem-like bores into the soil and the earth is extracted or pumped out. The piles are placed close to one another with the soil gap sealed with concrete.

How It Is Done?

Contiguous piling is an effective process of making stronger foundations for old buildings. These resemble rows of unconnected pillars made out of concrete that give stable support to the construction above. The size and dimensions of the piles depend on the type of support required. 

  • CFA, CSP, and LDA methods of construction are used in creating contiguous piles. 
  • Holes are bored into the soil and the earth within is extracted. 
  • It creates a hollow space or tubular cavity within. 
  • This cavity is at first, lined with a steel cage. 
  • Following the lining, concrete is poured inside to create strong piles of concrete rows that provide durable strength to the base of the construction.

There is little to no space left between the rows of piles created. This space is further grouted with concrete to stabilise firmly.  


The process of contiguous piling helps to create stronger foundations without too many complex excavation methods. 

  • It helps provide an equal distribution of load-bearing capacity. 
  • An effective construction method for congested urban areas with limited space areas. 
  • No guide wall is necessary for this process. 
  • Less construction time is needed with proven results. 


Contiguous piling comes with definite advantages both in the process and in the result of the construction. Here are some of the advantages available for all kinds of constructions. 

  • Contiguous piling can strengthen the subsoil without excessive excavation and complex masonry work. 
  • Deformation of the soil levels and natural structure is unaffected. 
  • Less noise and vibration are present in this form of work. 
  • This versatile and innovative method is effective for public works and private and residential properties. 
  • It is an effective way of strengthening the banks of riversides, and highways with slope issues.   
  • This method is possible on a broad range of soil types in less time. 


Strengthening old constructions can be a test of knowledge and skill. Contiguous piling is an effective means of creating load-bearing support for old buildings, highways, and embankments. 

It is environment-friendly and workable across different types of soil and subsoil. Companies engaged in this construction work have developed teams of skilled workers who can create such concrete support for your old constructions in no time. 

Costs are affordable and depend mainly on the kind of construction needed for a building. The prices quoted are inclusive of the equipment and implements needed for construction.