The Various Types Of Grease Gun Cartridge To Watch Out For.

grease gun cartridge

You might have heard of grease gun cartridges if you are associated with workshop and garage works. These tools are widely used for lubrication. The main aim of a grease gun is to apply lubricant through one aperture to any specified point, mainly from the grease cartridge to the grease fitting or the nipple. The channels behind the grease nipple will lead to where lubrication is highly needed.

The aperture will be of a type that fits closely with the receiving aperture on various mechanical devices. The cracks close-fitting ensures that the lubricant is applied only when needed. Checking out the classes will help you finalise the grease gun you need.

The types of grease guns available:

There are mainly four significant types of grease guns as seen nowadays. Each one is designed differently and used for different purposes. So, make sure to focus on these points now.

  • You have the electric grease gun, which is more of the latest version. Here, you have an electric motor, which will drive a higher pressure grease pump. These are mostly battery operated and highly portable.
  • Then you have the air-powered or the pneumatic gun. Here, the compressed air will be directed to the gun by the hoses. Here, the air pressure serves to force the grease through the aperture. This form of weapon was invented by Russel Gray.
  • Hand powered is another version of grease gun that can be seen widely used in multiple workshops. Here, it won’t have any trigger mechanism. The grease in this gun will be forced through the aperture right by the backpressure as created by pushing on the grease gun’s butt. It will then slide a piston through the tool’s body and pump out the aperture’s grease.
  • There is another version of hand-powered grease gun, where the grease is forced through the aperture by the backpressure as built by hand-cranking the gun’s trigger mechanism. It will apply pressure to the spring mechanism behind the lubricant and force grease through the aperture.

Whatever grease gun cartridge you are looking for can be charged or loaded with any of your workshop’s lubricants. It is highly recommended to use a thicker version of the grease most of the time. It will be one close resemblance to the contemporary form of hand-powered guns, which will give it the nickname World War II M3 submachine gun.

Work with the best teams:

Suppose you plan to purchase any of the greases mentioned above guns for your use. It is always mandatory to work with the best team for that. These experts are always happy to understand your needs and provide you with the best grease gun cartridge you can opt for. They offer a warranty on their items, which shows how confident they are with their items. So, try to get the best grease gun from these sources without thinking twice.