Things To Do After Installing Solar Panels In Moruya

Solar Panels moruya

One of the most vital factors that influence the production of solar energy, is sunlight. If you live in a place or city with plenty of sun available, it is beneficial for your solar system. This is the reason why the bright sunny weather in Moruya is perfect for installing solar systems.

What to check after installation?

The solar system installers may have checked after installing the solar panels in Moruya. But, it is your duty to inspect the functions of the systems after installation. So, now comes the point of what you should check. You may follow the points below for scrutiny.

1. Check the power of solar energy

Once the solar installers have installed the systems on your roof, you should start checking the power production abilities of the solar system. This is not a tough job, and you can do it without any hazards.

You can ask the other solar owners about their experience with the systems. You can gather information about their electricity bill, exporting solar, and how they utilize their solar PV system to get maximum from it.

You may receive different answers as the need and usage of everyone is different. But, you must be assured that the solar panels in the Moruya system, you have installed, can reduce the demand for other types of electricity generation.  

2. Try load shifting

So, what is load shifting? In Australia, the time duration when the sun shines brighter is the ideal time for your solar systems to produce energy. It is a practical method to access heavy-duty appliances during this time, as the solar panels in Moruya produce most of the solar energy. 

This is the method of shifting your load to an ideal time of the day. You can charge your devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, torches, etc, during this time. It offers you access for the whole day. Also, you can use appliances, like a dishwasher and washing machine, during this period instead of at night. 

You can also run your water pumps during the daytime for less consumption of electric power. This objective of shifting the energy load saves you from paying extra money for electricity bills.

3. Discover the electricity bills

After a month of using the solar panels in Moruya, you must inspect your consumption through the electricity bill. It is obvious that you will notice a positive difference in the amount of your monthly bill. 

The bill does not mention the energy consumption amount, but it provides a grid showing the graph of your energy usage. You can identify how much you have saved from the previous month.

If you find an increased usage of energy, you should track your usage for the next time. Try to use the electricity more in the daytime.


The solar panels’ in Moruya may absorb the dirt and dust from the atmosphere. It creates a layer on the panels and lowers their capability for energy generation. If you want your solar panels to work more efficiently, you should keep the panels clean.