Worried About Grease Gun Safety? This Safety Explainer Will Give You Confidence!

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People often use high-pressure grease guns without comprehending their potential for significant injury in workshops, garages, and factories. As a result, the Australian authorities receive several horrific hand injury reports each year.

This Blog discusses the risk to grease gun operators and the few straightforward measures required to remove the risk to safety. It is designed by grease cartridge manufacturers for all workers, not only operators, including workshop managers and employers, who should make sure everyone is aware of the risk of injury.

The Risk

There is a lot of usage of needle-point grease gun fittings, especially in shop and car repair settings. The “needle” fittings on machines are used in conjunction with the needle-sharp tip to pierce and introduce grease in polymer-sealed applications with grease cartridge products.

Pneumatic grease guns are used to apply grease at pressures ranging from 1.7 MPa to 40 MPa (246.6 psi to 5801.5 psi). The pressure is such that grease can be driven through the skin as far as the palm or even the wrist if the needle were to slide off the grease tip and penetrate the hand or finger. Read grease cartridge to know more about grease gun safety accessories.

Grease guns that are controlled by a lever or by hand might be dangerous. Lever-operated guns with high-pressure output may generate pressures of up to 103.4 MPa (15,000 psi). However, the necessity for two hands to move the lever while using a hand-operated pistol lessens the possibility of finger and hand injuries, says a grease cartridge technician.

Such an injury results in a brief flash of pain and minimal temporary discomfort. Although the damaged finger slightly expands, it generally appears unharmed. But as the days go by, the finger is likely to swell, stiffen, and commonly turn gangrenous, possibly necessitating amputation. This is why physicians consider grease gun injuries to be serious and why they should be treated right away.


Despite the fact that high-pressure grease guns have been in use for a while, operators continue to suffer frequent, severe hand injuries. In each of these instances, the operator has been operating the gun without any sort of protection over the needle tip (such as a safety sleeve or shroud). If the operator’s fingers are close together, the needle simply needs to slide off the grease point to do damage. Click the grease cartridge and read about different grease cartridge and their uses.


Although grease guns such as grease cartridge products include safety features, the location of the grease nipples on some automobiles and trucks may reduce their efficacy. This kind of unintentional harm should be avoided by equipping grease guns with needles with a cover or protective shroud.
In factories, there is frequent pressure to hurry through safety precautions in an effort to maintain as much machinery as possible. Grease injections can have long-lasting effects as opposed to small wounds like cuts and grazes. Think about how many automobiles and trucks you will be able to serve in the future with all your fingers. Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to your lubrication procedures, regardless of whether you decide to recommit yourself to following safety regulations laid with the help of grease cartridge manufacturers or installing an automated lubrication system to handle the work for you.