Wooden Garage Doors: An Overview

Wooden Garage Doors

As the name suggests the ‘wooden garage door’ is a kind of door made up of really durable and sturdy wood which can add a great appearance as well as value to the exteriors of your home. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated-looking garage doors one can opt for. 

There are various ways by which you can design these wooden garage doors as per your tastes and preferences. For instance, installing windows on this door can enhance its look to the next level. One thing which is quite important for you to know is that these garage doors can put a little strain on your pocket but in return offer excellent quality and the nature-inspired look which one wants. 

Most Common Wooden Garage Door Materials

It’s true that merely choosing wooden garage doors isn’t enough as there exist various types differing in terms of quality, sturdiness and pricing.

Some of these types are:

  1. Red oak:  Red oak wood is a highly affordable, heavy and aesthetic-looking option one can choose.
  1. Alder:  This type of material is not quite well recognised but promises to offer a good colour palette with a hint of rusty shade.
  1. Mahogany:  It is one of the most beautiful looking as well as durable garage door materials which is completely resistant to pests and moisture. It’s perfectly aesthetic natural look is something which attracts the households most. 
  1. Redwood:  This is one of the most luxurious and expensive types of garage door material one can choose. It is usually made up of multiple layers for extra durability and a glamorous look. 
  1. Plywood: The most pocket -friendly option for garage doors is always plywood. It is comparatively thinner than the other types of materials but provides an attractive appearance. 

Why Choose Wooden Garage Doors?

Now, after understanding what wooden garage doors exactly are and their types it is crucial for you to know the benefits of installing these according to whom you can decide rationally. So, here are 5 pros of wooden garage doors:

  1. Nature-Inspired Look

The other types of doors like the metallic ones try to replicate the wooden doors but, you can simply and directly opt for the wooden garage doors to get that naturally aesthetic and classy-looking door for your home. 

  1. Easy Customisation 

There are endless customisation styles you can choose creatively to get the best garage door for your home. By analysing variety in terms of timber types, colour palette, panel design etc you can get the kind of door you exactly wanted. 

  1. Environmentally-Friendly And Timeless Look

When compared to other materials wood is a renewable material making it suitable for the environment. Also, there is no such trend making wooden garage doors less superior in the market. Its classic rusty style never makes it move out of fashion.

  1. Easy On Pocket 

These doors can add great value to the exteriors of your home without putting a huge strain on your bank account when compared to other door materials. 

So, I hope this article will be able to give you a complete overview of wooden garage doors.