6 Ways To Know If You Need Replacement Of Double-Glazed Windows

Windows are a major part of any home – they keep the inside cool in summer, warm in winter, and secure during bad weather. But over time, windows may start to let in moisture, grit, and other elements that can make your home uncomfortable and dangerous. If you’re noticing strange smells or strange noises coming from your windows, it’s time for the replacement of double glazed windows. Here are six ways to tell if you need to replace your double-glazed windows.

Energy Bills Are High

If your energy bills are high, it’s probably because the windows in your home are letting in a lot of weather. Wind and rain can easily turn into moisture, which will cause expensive problems like water damage. If you’re seeing high energy bills year-round, even if the weather is mild outside, it’s time to replace your windows.

Windows Are Leaking

If you notice water spilling out of your windows when the wind blows or rain pours down on them hard enough, then you may need a replacement of double-glazed windows. The vinyl frames inside double-glazed windows age and can eventually start to rot, letting in water and other elements. It’s time to invest in new windows if this is happening on a regular basis.

Windows Are Damaging

If your Windows are constantly getting scratched or dented, the frames may not be strong enough to protect them from weather and other elements. If this is happening on multiple windows in different parts of your home, it’s time to replace them all. 

Windows Are Too Cold or Too Hot Inside

One major problem with old-fashioned windowpanes is that they don’t let in a lot of natural light. This can make rooms feel dark and cramped even when it’s daylight outside, as well as make it difficult to regulate your temperature in the home. If you’re noticing that one or more windows are very cold or hot inside, it’s time to replace them with something that will let in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Windows Are Yellowing OR Have a Smell

If you notice yellowed corners on your Windows or they’ve got a strange smell, then most likely they need to be replaced. The vinyl frames inside double-glazed windows can age quickly and start releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Replacement of double-glazed windows is possible immediately if this is happening!

Windows Are Making Strange noises

If you notice weird or scary sounds coming from your windows, it’s time to replace them. Windows can sometimes bow or warp when the weather is really tough on them – this can lead to strange popping or cracking noises as the window tries to adjust.

If you notice any of the following signs that your Windows need to be replaced, it’s best to take action right away. By doing so, you’ll keep your home safe and comfortable in the face of outside elements which can cause major damage. A new window will help keep your home looking and feeling its best and give you some peace of mind knowing that your windows are properly protecting you from the elements.