Common Mistakes To Avoid In The Tile And Grout Cleaning Process:

heavy duty tile & grout cleaner

Your floor tiles can look clean and new for many years by simply cleaning the tiles and grout. The heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner keep your tile floor safe from harm, and grout cleaning once every six months only takes an hour per week. Tile floors, grout, and other comparable surfaces offer a high level of durability and are comparatively simple to clean and maintain. Some people resort to harsher cleaning methods when sweeping and mopping isn’t sufficient, and this can cause discolouration and give the surfaces a generally unattractive aspect. When used repeatedly, these improper cleaning techniques and abrasive cleaning agents can eventually damage the tile and grout.

Employing harsh chemicals:

According to popular wisdom, ammonia and bleach should be used to clean up some stains, but if misused, these chemicals can damage tile and grout. Only a specialised tile and grout cleaning service should use them, even though they might make your tile floors and grout look dazzling and brand-new. If not utilised appropriately, they will shorten the lifespan of your tiles and deteriorate the grout. Also, you should avoid oil-based cleaners, especially if your tiles are glazed. Choose a heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner for the long life of your tiles, and follow the instructions if you must use a professional cleaning product that contains bleach or ammonia.

Incorrect mopping methods:

The proper method for cleaning tile floors is wet mopping with clean water. The porous surface of tile and grout allows for the accidental buildup of moisture, which can cause various other problems with your flooring and grout. In such situations, you need to choose the best heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner, which helps to keep your tiles clean and without damage for a longer time.

Making excessive use of scrubbing:

Like no tiled surface is impervious to stains, and no hard surface is entirely impervious to scratches. Although giving your tile and grout a more thorough cleaning will make them cleaner, you can do more harm than good. Grout is prone to crumble and chipping and tiles are susceptible to damage. The heavy-duty tile and grout cleaners are the best choice and are easy to clean with brushes and mops.

Spills that are not immediately cleaned up:

You might think letting a spill sit on a tile floor for a short while is acceptable, but this is a grave error. No surface is entirely stain-free, even though your floor is stain-resistant. A stain-resistant surface will only gain you a short window of time as you work to clean up a mess.

Use of cleaners with an oil or wax base:

While wax and other wax-based cleaning products temporarily protect your tiles from odour and stains, they do more harm than good to your expensive flooring investment. Regular wax removal and reapplication are necessary to prevent accumulation, which leads to unsightly yellow streaks that draw in additional dirt, oil, and grime. On the other hand, oil-based cleansers have several adverse effects, including raising the chance of slips and drops in your house.

Final thoughts:

They cover large areas that are too much for one person to handle alone, and cleaning grout lines are a delight when done with their industrial-level cleaning processes and supplies. To avoid harming your floor tiles, avoiding making any of the following blunders when cleaning your tile and grout is crucial.