PVC Wall And Shower Panels: An Easy And Affordable Way To Update Your Bathroom!

Bathroom Renovation

There are several advantages to wall panelling; bathroom panels are a legitimate alternative to tiling and offer numerous advantages, which are explained below…

Advantages of bathroom wall panels

It is completely waterproof.

With its tongue and groove interlocking method, all of Bathroom Renovation Dee Why panels are waterproof and watertight. Panelling is mostly made of PVC or MDF with a waterproof coating applied to the panel design, making all panels water and moisture-resistant. Not only are wall panels 100% waterproof, but they also create a completely watertight inclosure in your shower or bath area once fitted. This is owing to their interlocking tongue and groove technology.

No need for grout

Wall panels allows you to alter the look of your space quickly and affordably, without the need for substantial preparation or grouting. There is no need for unclean grout that attracts mould over time, and wall panels are exceptionally resistant to mould growth because there is nowhere for moisture to become trapped; it all goes out, which is critical when it comes to the inside of your shower and bathroom area. With no grouting, Bathroom Renovation Dee Why upkeep is simple, and your intended look will last.

A plethora of colours, designs, and styles

Panel makers provide the complete options of what is possible, from the value-focused Décor Range to the very newest ideas that challenge the appearance of tiles or stone. Panels have developed in recent years to provide a variety of finishes and styles, ranging from basic sparkle and plain tiles for your ceiling to tile, metallic, and stone effect finishes. Bathroom Renovation Dee Why contractors also provide the ability to laminate most surfaces, including glass and in hundreds of various finishes and on surfaces capable of absorbing high-intensity usages, such as Bathrooms using finishes.

Install wall and shower panels directly over almost any existing surface 

Wall and shower panels can be installed directly over existing tiles, panels, plasterboard, chipboard, painted walls, solid brick, or concrete. Panelling boards can easily cover practically any surface area, and with a tongue and groove interlocking mechanism, even the most inexperienced DIY enthusiast can instal panels.

Bathroom Renovation Dee Why contractors do recommend using silicone as the glue for placing over a non-porous surface, such as existing tiles Prior to installation, they always recommend that the tiles be well-cleaned and free of any residue; this ensures that the panels and adhesive make a strong connection with the existing tiles.

Simple and Quick Installation

All of Bathroom Renovation Dee Why contractors’ wall and shower boards have a tongue and groove interlocking mechanism, which means they easily interlock one another along the chosen wall, and all panels are exceptionally easy to cut, allowing for a speedy installation. A wise DIYer can instal these panels; we offer a variety of useful tutorials on how to measure for wall panels and how to instal panelling.

Simple to care for – wipe-clean surface

Because there is nowhere for mould to form on wall boards, they are considerably easier to clean than normal tiling, making Bathroom Renovation Dee Why wall panels exceptionally low-maintenance in comparison. This is not to suggest that panels do not require any care; they do require cleaning on a regular basis to guarantee they stay as appealing as the day you put them. Because of their low-maintenance, wall panels have become increasingly popular, and this is why so many people are looking to shower and wall boards to improve the visual appeal.