How To Make A Headstone Design Online

headstone design online

The choice of material for a headstone design Online is the first to be made. For a variety of reasons, we advise selecting bronze or granite. Each one combines outstanding endurance with a natural attractiveness. We have information to guide your decision-making that compares the advantages of granite and bronze.

  • You can alter the design of the headstone after deciding on its type and material. Although the names, dates of birth, and deaths of the departed are primarily listed on headstones, they can also have a unique touch.
  •  To honour your loved one and convey a sense of their personality, add a few simple but significant details. This will give those who visit the grave a sense of continuity. The dead or the next of kin may have requested specific artwork or a meaningful quote for this section of the headstone design.

Letters on headstones

The font that is used to write an inscription can significantly affect how the headstone appears as a whole. The five most popular typefaces for writing epitaphs on gravestones are:

Old English 

Uncial Gothic

 Classical Roman 

  • These fonts strike a compromise between lovely aesthetics and straightforward legibility. Some lettering styles need the stonemason to make deeper incisions and work better with specific types of stone.
  • The Legacy Headstones professionals can provide advice depending on the inscription and the material of your loved one’s headstone before you decide on the final design.

Inscription colour

Selecting the ideal gravestone might be difficult because they come in so many different colours. The color, type of stone, size, and shape of headstones are all strictly regulated in some cemeteries. We advise you to consult the proper cemetery staff before creating the headstone to ensure compliance.

  • The most common headstone material is granite since it withstands weathering and keeps its brilliance for decades. The granite gravestones come in a variety of colours, including black, blue, grey, pink, and red. 
  • You have a variety of oxidation choices if your loved one asks for a bronze monument. Over time, bronze takes on a patina that can range from aged green to pale or dark brown.

Contoured headstones

The additional shape customization options have been provided for both upright and slanted headstones. Other design components may be impacted by your loved one’s headstone cuts and curves. 

  • You can design a headstone with a rectangle, square, curved, or pointed top.
  • We also produce monuments in the shapes of a butterfly, angel, teardrop, and more, which are striking variations of the typical headstone shapes. To guard against lawnmowers, some cemeteries require that the bases of headstones have curved edges. We can handle that for you. 
  • Legacy Headstones can alter the contour and moulding of your loved one’s monument if you are unable to discover a shape that speaks to you.

Custom headstone creation and ordering Online 

Headstones aren’t something that anyone enjoys considering buying. But one of the challenging duties that must be completed after a loved one passes away is the making of a headstone.

  • Although many designers provide custom headstones, obtaining one has traditionally meant going to a real location and working with the artist directly. 
  • This can be both expensive and time-consuming, especially for someone managing other funeral arrangements, and it can also be emotionally taxing.