Top 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Safety Screens For Your Business

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As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide, it is impossible to say enough about how vital safety screens are. Safety screens create a physical barrier that stops the virus from spreading by containing the droplets that people with the virus exhale. Safety screens can add extra protection for your employees, customers, and visitors, whether you run a business, office, or public space.

There are a few things to consider when buying safety screens in Bondi to ensure you get the most out of your money. Here are five things you should remember:

Size And Dimensions

 Safety screens’ size and measurements are essential to consider. The screens must be big enough to provide enough protection while fitting in the available space. Before buying a safety screen, it is vital to measure the space where the screen will go and ensure it is the right size. Consider the room’s height, width, and depth to ensure the screen fits well.

It’s also essential to consider how the safety screen is set up. Will it be put up in a vertical or horizontal position? The best places for vertical screens are where people will be standing, like at a reception desk or a checkout counter. Horizontal screens are better for places like desks or tables where people will be sitting.


Different materials, like acrylic, polycarbonate, or tempered glass, can be used to make safety screens. Each type of material has its pros and cons. Acrylic is light and hard to break but also accessible to scratch. Polycarbonate is strong and does not break easily but it can cost more. Tempered glass cannot be scratched but is heavy and can break easily. It’s crucial to pick the material that fits your needs the best.


 Depending on your needs, you may want a safety screen that can quickly move from one place to another. For example, if you run a restaurant, you should move the screen from one table to another. In this case, you should buy a screen with wheels that are easy to take apart and assemble.

A fixed safety screen may be better if you do not need to move around. Fixed screens can be mounted securely to walls or other surfaces, giving you a permanent way to keep yourself safe.

Ease Of Cleaning

Safety screens should be cleaned often to keep working well. Because of this, you should choose a screen that is easy to clean. Screens of acrylic or polycarbonate are easy to clean with soap and water. A glass cleaner can be used to clean screens made of tempered glass.


 Finally, you should consider how well the safety screen will work with the rest of your infrastructure. For example, if you have a reception desk, you should ensure the safety screen fits on the desk without blocking the receptionist’s view. If you have a checkout counter, you should ensure that the safety screen provides the setup of the counter.

Safety screens in Bondi are a must-have for businesses, offices, and public places. When buying safety screens, it’s crucial to consider the size and dimensions, the material, how mobile they are, how easy they are to clean, and how well they work with your current infrastructure. You can buy a safety screen that will protect you well and meet your specific needs by thinking about these things.