5 Must-Try Google Shopping Feed Optimisation Tips

To improve the visibility of your products, it becomes necessary to focus on Google Shopping Ads. They also provide a greater advertising return on investment. Since they are also easy to set up, you should work on them regularly. Google Shopping feed optimisation is a must from time to time. We will share five tips that you must try to make the most out of Google Shopping: 

Using GTIN 

The first thing that you can do is to use GTIN for the best optimisation. It is also referred to as the Global Trade Item Number. They are well worth your time and effort, and to understand them better, you should hire a reputed SEO company like Zeal Digital in your area. It will help you in increasing the impressions for your products. Moreover, you will also know that your product information will be correct and that your competitors’ info won’t conflict with your own. It is also beneficial for customers as they can compare items as well. 

Optimising Colour Attributes 

Another aspect that you can work on in Google Shopping feed optimisation is to look after the colour attributes there. Some people are very specific about what they want to buy. In case they are buying an item to up their fashion game, colour is one of the major deciding factors for them. Therefore, it becomes essential to optimise colour attributes from time to time as well. You can add one primary colour and two secondary colours. In case your product is made up of precious material, you need to create a good combination between the material and the colour. 

Choosing The Right Image 

The selection of images is very crucial in the Google Shopping feed. Therefore you need to work on getting the right image while going for Google Shopping feed optimisation. There are various aspects that you need to work out here. The basic thing is to use high-quality pictures. That’s the only way that people will know what pictures are trying to convey. You can also look out for text over the picture as this also attracts visitors. You should try to match the variants with the picture as well. 

Sales & Merchants Promotions 

These promotions are very important to increase your sales. They trigger people’s buying habits and usually lead to high click-through rates and lower cost per conversion. If done right, they can lift your conversion rates to a great extent. To do these promotions, you will have to create an attribute called promotion_id. You can follow it up by going to your Google Merchant Center Account and creating the promotion under the promotions tab. 

Optimising Product Titles 

If you want to make your ads relevant to user searches, optimising product tiles is also necessary. You should spend the majority of your time on this while working on Google Shopping feed optimisation. The attributes are going to depend upon the vertical that you belong to. 

With the assistance of an experienced SEO company in Sydney Australia, like Zeal Digital in your area, you can use these tips to optimise your Google Shopping feed in the best way possible!