The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Timber Flooring


It’s a great thing that you have chosen hardwood or timber for your home’s floors. It’s time to install it because you’ve seen its timeless beauty and exceptional endurance. Like all other home improvement projects, you must be careful when selecting, installing, and maintaining your hardwood flooring. A few common mistakes can make your flooring experience less than spectacular or regretful. Mistakes can happen at any stage of installation. For instance, failing to wipe up spilled glue can ruin the wood’s aesthetics. 

But you no need to worry too much when it comes to the quality of Flooring in Brookvale wood floor installation. You may avoid the most common problems and make sure your floors remain lovely and functional for a very long time with the appropriate knowledge and preparation. These hardwood flooring blunders should be avoided to help you get the most out of your home remodelling.

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when installing wooden flooring:

Choosing the wrong wood

A tougher wood, such as hickory or maple, would work best to resist everyday wear if you’re laying floors in a high-traffic region of the house. Scratches can also be covered with lighter colour choices. 

Lighter hardwood from Flooring at Brookvale may be the ideal choice to maintain the appearance of your floors if you have children or pets. Darker hues will resist sun damage better in a room that receives a lot of natural light. Make sure to conduct a thorough study to determine which hardwood option is ideal for your house and way of life.

Cutting corners in installation

The lifespan of your hardwood flooring could be shortened by errors made during this step. You can spare yourself the hassle by making sure you execute the task correctly from the start. 

Installing hardwood flooring is a task that can be done on your own, but if you lack the appropriate experience, you probably don’t want to. If you use experts from Flooring at Brookvale to install your new flooring, they will be reputable and licenced. You should give yourself enough time to measure the floor and use samples of wood to select the best colour and style. 

Gaps in floors

Regardless of the area they are installed, hardwood floors frequently move. Your floorboards may shift and expand with time if they are installed incorrectly. This frequently happens as a result of laying floorboards over a moist subfloor. The boards stick closely to one another due to the dampness and humidity. The boards then retract in dry seasons to disclose holes. 

These gaps may also result from an overheated or dry subfloor, such as an area surrounding a heating vent or a section of the floor that receives a lot of sunlight. Although gaps in your hardwood floors are common, ones that are really large and unevenly spaced will cause an aesthetic problem you don’t want in your home.

Final thoughts

How each option will match with the other elements of your home should be your first priority when selecting the perfect wood flooring. Take into account both the room’s purpose and design. During the installation procedure by experts at Flooring in Brookvale, quality will be the top priority. Proceed with caution when seeking to save money or time during wood floor installation.