Learn From The Most Common Mistakes Of Installing Exterior Door Hardware

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There are several aspects to consider when selecting the best exterior door hardware to guarantee the greatest match for the aesthetics and security of your property. Choosing a new lock and front door handle set may be more difficult than simply picking whatever is on the shelf. When buying exterior door hardware, make sure you do your research and avoid these mistakes.

Not concerning security

When it comes to deadbolts and handle sets, security should be your top priority. Not all t handles are the same. To assure the quality and endurance of your lockset, go for the highest security rating available – AAA for best in residential Security, Durability, and Finish. Check out our security rating guide for additional details.

Choosing the most affordable option

When it comes to home security, you don’t want to save a few dollars if it means losing quality and longevity. In the long term, an investment today will save you money and provide you peace of mind. Investigate the safety ratings mentioned above to see if your new t handle product is protected by a guarantee if it stops working correctly or the finish begins to erode. t handle designers provides a lifetime limited mechanical and finish guarantee as well as a three-year limited electronics warranty.

Without thinking about the features and benefits

Aside from a manufacturer’s guarantee, there are a few other things to look for in door hardware to ensure it’s the appropriate match for you. Is it simple to instal it yourself, or will you need to contact a locksmith? Is it guaranteed to have other security measures, such as a built-in alarm? Is there a broad range of t handle designs available so that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to have the finest security?

Failure to optimize for your lifestyle

In recent years, deadbolts and handsets have gone a long way. They can not only safeguard your house, but they can also provide better peace of mind and ease in your daily life. A smart lock may be the ideal option for homeowners who are frequently on the road. If you want to live in a smart home, you may also choose an electronic lock that communicates with other smart gadgets in your house, making it easier than ever to feel comfortable and secure. Find out which smart lock and t handle is best for your lifestyle and that of your family.

Disregarding pre-existing accents and hardware

The style and quality of your door hardware may help tie your entire house together. Look for inspiration in existing fixtures such as lighting or architectural embellishments. If your property is more conventional Victorian or Georgian in design, choose a t handle set accordingly. Before guests go inside, your front entrance is the ideal place to introduce your distinctive flair.

Selecting the inappropriate finish for your climate

Where you reside might also have an impact on the longevity of your electronics. Some finishes, for example, are more susceptible to tarnish in coastal regions than others. Research the materials used in your t handle to determine which is best for your home.

Failure to check the handing of levers

Finally, you may believe that you can grab any lever from the shelf. Pay attention to the handling of the lever against the side of your door it will be on to prevent putting it upside down.