Hardware Accessories For Your Architectural Door

architectural hardware sydney

An architectural door is like fine art where it is carefully-planned for the aesthetic look. Door fittings provide true functionality that enhances convenience and added security. The door accessories come with the high standard quality and available in various finishes. The architectural door accessories include door pulls, hinges, locks, door closers and handles. The innovative trends of architectural door hardware in sydney completely assist you to select the hardware tools. Sydney is one of the places in Australia that is known for its extensive range of architectural door hardware accessories.

Door pull:

The door pulls cater to every imaginable application possible with wooden or glass doors. Depending on the type of installation required pull handles are divided into two sub-ranges – be in bolt-through fixed or back-to-back fixing. They are made up of stainless steel and available in matt or polished finishes. Door pulls are sturdy, durable and present an elegant and stylish aesthetic appeal. The latest design handles and sizes encompass everything from seamless straight lines to accentuated curves and folds.

Door locks:

The locks that should guarantee to meet all your visual and functional requirements. They come with excellent features, the promise of quality to you. The architectural door hardware sydney provides robust security and durability with superior aesthetics and contemporary designs. The advanced design concepts are available in the most prevalent of finishes.

Lever handle:

The lever handles of architectural door hardware sydney are available in a variety of elegant finishes to appeal one’s aesthetic sense and also provide functionality. The handle comes in a variety of materials like stainless steel, aluminium, brass and zinc alloy. Each material has unique properties that suit a specific environment.

Door controllers: 

The architectural door hardware sydney provides a door control device that allows a door to close automatically once it is opened. It is mainly used in commercial doors. It plays a significant role at risk that controls the rate of closing to provide complete safety and durability at minimized risk. The door closer enhances aesthetics and reduces the opportunity for vandalism.


Hinge consists of two plates which are attached to abutting surfaces on the door and door jamb and are joined by a pin. There are different types of hinges; the most common type is the butt hinge. They are available in a variety of colours, materials and finishes to complement any architectural door design.

Patch fittings:

It consists of a wide array of basic types and variants. The patch fittings enable conception of glass assemblies that suit your ideas of functionality. It makes glass assemblies look visually striking but also technically sound. The elegant finish enhances their inherent versatility and aesthetic look.

Bottom line:

The architectural door hardware you chose should complement the design of the door. Choosing hardware options for your architectural door is an integral part of the design process. When you begin to design your architectural door there are several hardware options to consider. The chosen hardware should be highly functional and as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of your architectural door.